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Midweek Snippets

Give yourself a pat on the back. You've made it to another Wednesday. We're halfway to the weekend. If you have any mid-week gaming plans, we'd love to hear about it down in the comments. Over the next couple days, I'll be prepping for the D&D game I'm running on Saturday. Last session, the group narrowly avoided TPK twice. So obviously, I need to up my game some.

As usual for the day, we've got some bite-sized stories we've collected together for you.

In this batch we've got: MidKnight Heroes Reaches Funding Goal and Previews Chibi Stretch Goal, Some more Installments of The Fiver from The Meeple Mechanic, Quick Reference Rulebook of Military History: Medieval Wargame available for testing, Blacksmith Miniatures release Mahé the Sailor, New Skull Masks Available from Tabletop-Art, Final week for Dark Sword Miniatures New Range Tony DiTerlizzi Masterworks Kickstarter, Ophidian Wars releases ECG with optional 3D printed minis, NeoExodus Campaign Setting Update for Pathfinder On Kickstarter, Mekawing Z updated to version 1.7, New Shock Tokens from Sally 4th, Epic New Token Line For Table Top And Role Playing Games, Oddzial Osmy’s 3mm May Releases Arrive at PicoArmor, Hitech Miniatures New Webstore Opened, 28mm Crates Barrels and Casks from Castle Kits, New 15mm Sci-Fi Buildings from Gamecraft Miniatures, Infantry Bases for 6mm (1/285th) Figures from GameCraft Miniatures, New Rocket Platform Terrain from DerekPages, Manorhouse Workshop Update #32 – Modular Underground Project – How to paint walls and floors quickly, Demigods Evolution Funds in 1 Day, and Victrix Previews French Artillery.

MidKnight Heroes Reaches Funding Goal and Previews Chibi Stretch Goal


MidKnight Heroes Season 0 Reboot! Kickstarter hit is funding level this weekend. It's now time to start on some stretch goals. First up is our 30mm Chibi Eliva at $3000 and then at $4500 is our 30mm Elvia and B.E.E.M. Looking good for us heroes guys and gals! Let's get some of those stretch goals open!

The Fiver with Luca Vince Caltabiano on Designing Street Kings

Street Kings

Hello! My name is Luca Vince Caltabiano, I am the video producer for Board to Death TV, a video review site where we believe in Quality over Quantity. I studied in filmmaking and I do videography/editing for a living. I also own a retail store with my brother Giancarlo Caltabiano downtown Montreal (Chez Geeks).

My hobby is Board to Death Reviews, I basically play games and when I can’t get the group together I play video games, mostly racing games and RPGs. I recently became a game designer as well, however, I think most gamers are when they start creating house rules… or when taking a shower… or late at night in bed… we all have ideas!

The Fiver with Oliver Smith & Mike Massey on Co-designing We Have Goats

We Have Goats

Hey! We’re Oliver Smith & Mike Massey…we’re both from Tulsa, Oklahoma, and we’ve been friends since elementary school. When we aren’t playing board games, we travel, catch up on Netflix, or geekier pursuits like storm chasing, bagging high-points or flying drones. Mostly we just drink beer poolside.

We Have Goats has a light-hearted theme on the surface that gives great moments of laughter, but at the same time it’s a serious game and balances the theme with really good tough choices to make. It’s for adults and kids and enjoyed by both serious and casual gamers.

The Fiver with Dan Letzring on Designing Dino Dude Ranch

Dino dude Rance

Hey, everyone, my name is Dan Letzring. I live in Rochester, NY with my wife and two daughters (one of which was born this past new years eve!). Things are crazy over here with balancing the new baby, a full-time job, and game design and publishing, but we make it work and have fun doing it.

The Fiver with Benoit Bannier on Designing 10 Minutes to Kill

10 Minutes To Kill

Hi! My name is Benoit Bannier. I live in Paris (France) and I’m 28 years old. It’s been 8 years that I’m really into boardgames: I’m fond of Magic the Gathering, Dungeon Lords, Ascension… These recent weeks, I’ve been playing Elysium a lot with my friends, I really like it.

I create my own games: Invasions is a card game that I published last year through my publishing company “La boite de jeu”. It’s only available in France for now, but maybe it will go worldwide eventually :) There’s a print and play version in BGG if you want to try it!

The Fiver with Casey McCormick on Designing Cast and Capture

Cast and Capture

Hello, My name is Casey McCormick and I design games. I’m originally from New Jersey but have been in Texas for most of my life (currently Dallas). By day, I do lots of Big Data, but by night I’m the co-founder of Randover Games where I work to make the world a more fun place to be. My other hobbies are spending time with my wonderful with and beautiful daughter, who incidentally was the inspiration for Cast & Capture in the first place.

Quick Reference Rulebook of MH: Medieval Wargame available for testing

Military History Medieval

Minefield Games Team has made available on the web Quick Guide translated into English. The whole is meant for testers game, although the publisher made it available to all. Shortcut rulebook contains the most important rules of the game on 20 pages. Along with the manual testers receive the first three armies, the basic universal forces. Further armies for testing appear in a few days.

Currently, the test passed the armies of the Teutonic Knights, Polish Kingdom, and the Kingdom of France. In the coming days there will be England, Scotland, Rus, The Kalmar Union.

Blacksmith Miniatures release Mahé the Sailor

Kit: 4 pièces
Matérial: Résin
Concept: Naïade
Sculptor and painter: Stéphane CAMOSSETO

New Skull Masks Available from Tabletop-Art

Skull Masks

You can stick the masks of this bits set on faces of miniatures to give them a dark and mystical optic. The set includes 15x skull masks in a scale of 28-30mm.

Final week for Dark Sword Miniatures New Range Tony DiTerlizzi Masterworks Kickstarter


We have a very special new Kickstarter project that just launched. It is our Tony DiTerlizzi Masterworks Miniature Range. For those of you who love old school TSR art, I am sure you know the name Tony DiTerlizzi. He did a huge amount of art for TSR in the 1990’s and did some amazing stuff for them. Tom Meier and Dave Summers have done the sculpting honors on the initial batch of miniatures.
Click here to check out the new Tony DiTerlizzi Masterworks Miniature Range Project.
Tony and myself are both super excited for this new project and we hope you will come join us for the ride.

Ophidian Wars releases ECG with optional 3D printed minis

Ophidian Wars, an expandable card game with teams of gritty over-the-top sci-fi gladiators, is offering optional 3D printed minis for every gladiator and weapon in the game.

The game uses a combat/turn mechanic called "the flow" to mimic the tide of battle, strategically setting up positive actions to chain together combos. Players customize their team, arsenal, and maneuvers from a single deck, gain resources (Cheer and Adrenaline) - and the team with the last gladiator standing is the victor.

The minis have been designed to add life to the battle field and give players the ability to bring their favorites and team leaders to the arena in 3D glory. High detail resin, stats printed on base, ready to paint, 54mm.

With the current state of 3D printing, they aren't cheap, but are entirely optional, can be purchased "a la carte," and can add collectible appeal to the game. They also will be employed as tournament prizes.

For more information about Ophidian Wars and the minis, head to the website. Ophidian Wars was developed solo by Carl Van Ostrand and the card game is available now on TheGameCrafter website.

NeoExodus Campaign Setting Update for Pathfinder On Kickstarter


You knew it was coming and now the time is here!!! The NeoExodus Campaign Setting Update for Pathfinder RPG Kickstarter is now LIVE!!!! We are sending this email out to you because you have supported our previous kickstarters and hoped you would do the same this time around. If not can you do us the favor and pass this information on to your friends and family who are Pathfinder RPG Fans. As always, thank you for your support!

Mekawing Z updated to version 1.7

1.7 Playtest

Mekawing Z is proud to announce its Open Set version 1.7 in Spanish (English version coming soon).

This set includes refinements to the game that improve its overall flow and gameplay:

- New Push Combat Action.
- New Hand and Deck Mechanics.
- New "Metropolis" event mechanics.
- New Building build designs.
- New ID and Signal markers.

New Shock Tokens from Sally 4th

Shock Tokens

Sally 4th has just added a useful set of 'Shock Tokens' to their range of templates, tokens and player aids.
The set contains 20, 20mm diameter engraved tokens depicting a lightning bolt. These are great for recording 'Shock' in Dux Britannium and other miniatures games and cost £3.

These join our existing template and token range that include pinned markers, battered tokens, coverage and arc templates for Warhammer and a range of 'Smoke' templates of different diameters.

Epic New Token Line For Table Top And Role Playing Games


Whether it is a deep game of tactical brilliance or just a good time with friends, people enjoy a visually appealing gaming experience. Not long ago we at Broken Egg Games starting producing ways to enhance our very own table tops with tools to help keep our games clean and most importantly, FUN! We believe all gamers have put a hearty time investment into their own miniatures and board games just like us and are looking for high quality tokens to match. With a "can do" attitude and some wonderful luck when flipping through our contacts, we found the people and tools to bring our concepts of an epic range of the high quality tokens: The Elite Gaming Tokens to life!

Oddzial Osmy’s 3mm May Releases Arrive at PicoArmor

PicoArmor (Oddzial Osmy’s exclusive North American distributor) is pleased to announce that Oddzial Osmy’s new 3mm releases are now in stock.

SA-6118 2S7 Pion (15 pcs) - 203mm heavy SP gun
SA-6202 PMP - floating bridge set, consist of folded and deployed pontoons and boats; it's a 'triple' set like SA-4

US-696 F-4B Phantom II (8 pcs) - 'short' nosed, gun-less version of Phantom
US-697 X-47B UCAS-D (8 pcs) - unmanned carrier-launched aircraft demonstrator

NAP-637 British line infantry 1815 (15 pcs)
NAP-638 British line infantry 1815 - command (5+5+5 pcs)
NAP-639 British skirmishers 1815 (15 pcs)

TR-621 Deciduous trees IV (8 pcs)
TR-622 Coniferous trees II (8 pcs)

You can also see these at Historicon.

Hitech Miniatures New Webstore Opened

new Store

Enhanced site with better offers.
We're still testing our new shop, but you can buy our world-class, high quality gaming and collectible miniatures right now! We apologise if some of the links are still not active - we're adding more each day.
The new web store offers a variety of ways to save:
1. Permanent price reductions
2. Monthly sales
3. Combined shipping
4. Mega Deals
5. 24-hour Specials
6. Consolidation Promotion


28mm Crates Barrels and Casks from Castle Kits

Castle Kits is offering two sets of 28mm KEGS BARRELS CRATES & SACKS cast in white Hydrostone. The larger of the two sets includes the following for $19.95: This set comes with 3 large wine casks, 6 barrels, 3 large piles of sacks and 3 small ones, 6 small sacks with an open top, 6 small crates 1/2 inch square and 3 larger ones 1x..5x.25 plus six 1 inch wooden crates with removable tops and 4 treasure chests measuring 1x.5x.5 inches. The casks come in 4 pieces each (two halves and two legs). Easy assembly. They come unpainted. The small set is $9.95.

New 15mm Sci-Fi Buildings from Gamecraft Miniatures

New Buildings

These new 15mm Sci-Fi buildings are a joint venture between GameCraft Miniatures and Clear Horizon Miniatures. These buildings will be available on both companies websites. These three are the first of this series and more will be added. These are designed to be unique in design yet able to mix well with GameCraft's existing selection of Sci-Fi structures.

Infantry Bases for 6mm (1/285th) Figures from GameCraft Miniatures

Using 6mm (1/285th scale) infantry is never easy, the figures are very small and difficult to move as a unit. Attaching several to a single base limits their use as they cannot be deployed once they reach their objective. Our new bases solve this problem by allowing you to move the pieces as a unit (squad or fire team) and them remove them from the base if you like once you reach your destination.

These can be used with any 6mm or 1/285th scale figures and any game system that uses infantry.

The bases are available in 7 different configurations that accommodate between 4 and 6 figures per base.

For transporting your infantry on their new bases, A GameCraft Miniatures "Tank Transport" has also been designed to accommodate these infantry bases.

New Rocket Platform Terrain from DerekPages

Rocket Platform

The model Rocket Platform is designed in two color versions. It can print on card 200..220g / m2, A4 or Letter. The model is part of a site, it can be used in games battle, rpg, type sf, modern, ww2.

Manorhouse Workshop Update #32 – Modular Underground Project – How to paint walls and floors quickly

Hello everyone.

How much it will be difficult to paint our dungeon in plastic? Will be very easy.
We recommend of working individual pieces without disconnect them from the sprue it is easier to handle them.
We start by giving a black acrylic spray primer.
Once dried the spray, we move on to give three steps of color to dry brush.
reddish brown, flesh-colored and beige. Only for the floor, one step to dry brush of gray.
After the painting. the pieces are detached from the sprue and glued together.
With the aid of a little hobby cutter we go to cut the sprues. Do it carefully and you will not need even a touch-up of the piece. Personally I prefer to glue the plastic with VINAVIL (Alifatica- glue PVA) in case of need it is easy to divide the two parts. Once dry glue the piece is ready to become a part of your dungeon.
All the best. Lorenzo

Demigods Evolution Funds in 1 Day


Demigods Evolution is now funded! We are going toward unlocking our first stretch goal! Holy Knight from the world of the Edge is ready to join the fray in the world of Argalla and become the 5th Demigod!

Victrix Previews French Artillery

Well we finally have some test frames of the French artillery 1804 to 1812 in our hands. Steve was busily sticking some together yesterday afternoon so we can show you some pre release images.

The detail on these little beauties is fantastic as we have come to expect from Emel who has done a great job on these (his first non Ancient set for us)