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Midweek Snippets

Welcome to Wednesday you wonderful ... umm... something-gaming-related-that-begins-with-W! The first half of the week is over. It's all downhill from here to a hopefully gaming-filled weekend. I've got my plans set, heading over to a friend's house for his birthday party where there will be plenty of gaming to be had. I don't know of anyone else more into gaming than Joe-Nathan, so it should be a blast.

Anyway, that's as may-be. At the moment, we've once more collected the bite-sized stories together we've found over the past couple days and present them to you now on a silver platter we like to call "Snippets."

In this batch we have: New Outer Space Play Mats from Gale Force 9, New Woodland Mat from Pwork Wargames, Atlantis Miniatures Previews Upcoming Orc and Goblin Range of Minis, 31cm tall Idol of Cthulhu preorder + New WIP of the Dragon Queen by Kabuki Models, Khurasan releases 15mm uparmoured HMMWVs, Amera Plastic Mouldings New 1/48 Fighter Blast Pen, Gaddis Gaming Launches Gaming Tabletop Kickstarter, Dwarves Veterans 10 miniatures set from Scibor, New Heroic Maps - Terrain: Lunar, YanDrassi range released at, ModCube Customizable Token/Dice On Kickstarter, Siren Miniatures new releases - its girls time, Okumarts Games Launches Steampunk Print and Play Miniature Line, Sebitar Workshop running 15mm Wizard's Tower Indiegogo Campaign, and New Southgate Terrain Piece from Thomarillion.

New Outer Space Play Mats from Gale Force 9

A 3' by 3' Space Mat is perfect for small engagements between squadrons of fighters but if you want lead entire fleets to battle, the GF9 Epic Gaming Mats series is what you are looking for.
These 6' by 3' mats are large enough to cover a table and are perfect for any sort of space combat. Due for release in late June you can pre-order you mat now at your local gaming store, or via the GF9 webstore.

New Woodland Mat from Pwork Wargames

The Wargame Mat Woodland is a PVC-made rollable terrain mat, ideal for wargame and RPG, in size 4x6' (120x180cm), 4x4' (120x120cm) or 3x3' (90x90cm), representing the scenery of a woodland glade, where the grassland often alternates spaces of muddy soil and no vegetation.

Atlantis Miniatures Previews Upcoming Orc and Goblin Range of Minis

Atlantis Miniatures

Hi everyone. Welcome to the Atlantis Miniatures Facebook page.

** Our line of Goblins, Orcs and Trolls will go live on Kickstarter in a couple of months. The website/online store will go live after the initial funding period.**

Over the next month we will gradually reveal our Goblins, Orcs and Trolls. Please help support our initial step onto social media by sharing and liking our page. All of your support and help will be greatly appreciated.

We are aiming to post a new miniature every week and some art work to go with it. Most of our line is blocked out and just needs another pass before we ask for feedback from our supporters. Our products are digitally sculpted but we will be creating a few traditionally sculpted busts to add to the collection. All miniatures will be cast in a high quality resin and in 28mm scale.

Initially, a lot of the images on this page will be 3D renders, but don't worry as we'll soon post the 3D print masters next to the renders.

This is an extremely exciting time for us and I hope you enjoy following our story and viewing our first line of miniatures/art work.

31cm tall Idol of Cthulhu preorder + New WIP of the Dragon Queen by Kabuki Models

• Now you can finally preorder your own Idol of Cthulhu!
Remember: THIS IS A PREORDER - The idols will be in stock for the first week of June 2015.
This highly detailed rendition of the Great Cthulhu is 31cm tall and made of solid polystone.
The base itself has a particular significance, it is indeed the entrance to the lost city of R’lyeh where the Great Ancient One lies sleeping and waiting to be awakened…
Each idol is packed first in a lavish black box and then in a "brown box" a thick carton that will issue a further protection.
Weight is 2,5kg (approx) and box measures are 45x25x25cm
This is a limited edition of only 300pcs!
150 are sold already so this is your very last chance to grab one of these awesome statues!

• A fresh update on the DRAGON QUEEN, this time we'll show you the pin-up in detail, she's almost done and currently we're revising her leg and bra.
Again thanks to Reddraws for the Amazing character design and Alfonso Prieto Sarri for the digital sculpting.

Khurasan releases 15mm uparmoured HMMWVs

We are very pleased to release a full range of uparmoured 15mm scale HMMWVs for the current US Army. These vehicles were designed in response to the extensive use of the HMMWV in combat against the Iraqi insurgencies and against the revived Taliban threat in Afghanistan and have enhanced armour.

We have four models available -- all are 100% pewter and are solid little models. You can really feel the weight, and they are not going to be knocked over or moved by a strong breeze! These are the perfect addition to our extensive (and growing) range of modern US Army figurines.

The models are:
M1151 enhanced armament carrier with manned turret (50 caliber and grenade launcher inserts provided, as is an optional armoured turret roof)
M1151 with CROWS automated remote weapons station with 50 caliber HMG
M1152 enhanced cargo/troop carrier
M1165 enhanced command/control/general purpose vehicle

These are just the thing for your modern Middle East war games, hypothetical encounters of tomorrow, or even alien invasion fighting. And of course many other nations use these vehicles as well. Available now.

Amera Plastic Mouldings New 1/48 Fighter Blast Pen

Amera Plastic Mouldings - new release! for 1/48 scale, our first in this scale.

A 1/48 Fighter Blast Pen. The diorama represents one side of a typical WW2 RAF E-shaped blast pen. 4 separate pieces. Airifx Spitfire in picture for demo purposes, supplied unpainted.

Dimensions: W61cm D47cm H 65cm when assembled

Gaddis Gaming Launches Gaming Tabletop Kickstarter

Gaddis Gaming

The Gaddis Gaming Table Topper measures 4'x4'x3” and offers a 3'x3'x1” gaming arena, flanked by dice pits and dedicated card vaults. The two-player version has two areas for gamers to set up with an option for cup holders. The four-player option has dice pits and card vaults on all four sides. It weighs less than five pounds and is exceptionally durable and readily washable. It is available in all-black, or black with a white top. We offer an option to have your logo or other provided art printed in the corners on the white version. The gaming arena will accommodate any 3'x3' gaming surface you might already own. In addition, we will be offering custom inserts in a variety of game types, including hexes.

Dwarves Veterans 10 miniatures set from Scibor


These models are made of high quality resin. The set contains 10 dwarves miniatures and 10 square 20mm scenic bases.
They are unpainted and require assembling.

New Heroic Maps - Terrain: Lunar


A printable battlemap for RPG games or wargames. Use as a standalone gameboard, or combine with any same-scale tileset.

Contents: A 50 x 50 map depicting a lunar surface, complete with craters, rocks and debris.
Also included is a 250dpi full size jpg, for poster printing or VTT.

YanDrassi range released at

Congratulations to Loud Ninja Games as today releases the whole 15mm science fiction range from their 2nd Kickstarter: The YanDrassi! Three seperate alien species, Neeks, Tavshar, Horgosi as infantry plus command and a grav gun skimmer. Codes and Value Saver Packs. Interesting background and pictures of everything too. Links in the article to a 'who are the Yandrassi' and 'painted Yandrassi' articles too. Enjoy and thanks for reading.

ModCube Customizable Token/Dice On Kickstarter


The ModCube is a gaming aid which enables you to keep 6 common gaming tokens on a single cube, and quickly rotate between these tokens. Watch a bit of the below video to see how easy it is to put in new tokens to a cube

Siren Miniatures new releases - its girls time
Note: Not necessarily NSFW, but maybe at least not safe for all work environments.


Siren Miniatures just added new releases to web store. This months is girls time both new releases are two female models. Naebo and Kelith are part of Moon Children and have their unique beautiful but dark look. You should also notice a striking resemblance to previously released Virgil...

During pre-order models are available with 20% discount each or in new special Bundle. All Siren Miniatures' demonic beings - Kelith, Naebo and Virgil in one pack with 20% off! But remember this offers will end on the 17. May.

Okumarts Games Launches Steampunk Print and Play Miniature Line

From the pages of David Okum's webcomic Contraption burst a set of steampunk thugs and a costumed vigilante to fight them all. The comic, originally published in 1992 is currently being scanned, cleaned up and posted online. A Patreon page offers support to the creator and allows backers to access material earlier.

This layered PDF giving you four options of colour schemes for the main set and a bonus "easter egg" document of steampunk robot goodness for you to discover.

Sebitar Workshop running 15mm Wizard's Tower Indiegogo Campaign

Sebitar Worksop has launched an Indiegogo campaign to fund the molding and the casting of their small scale wizard tower. The tower could be used for 10mm and even for 15mm scale wargames. The multipart kit will be huge, measuring 22 cm (9 inches) high.

New Southgate Terrain Piece from Thomarillion

The Southgate

Ziterdes and Thomarillion released a Thomarillion designed hardfoam building called "Southgate".