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Mantic Games Announces First-Ever Miniatures Advent Calendar Game: BarRoom Brawl

Mantic Games Announces First-Ever Miniatures Advent Calendar Game: BarRoom Brawl

In a completely unexpected announcement, Mantic Games is launching its first-ever miniatures game within an advent calendar. Titled “BarRoom Brawl™,” this unique and limited edition game is set to become a special part of gaming history, offering a new twist to both miniature gaming and traditional advent calendars.

Collect and Play through December

Starting from the 1st to the 24th of December, players can open a door on the advent calendar each day, collecting a new piece of the game. This includes six exclusive hand-cast resin fantasy miniatures and 3D scenery. The game itself involves competing with friends and family to bring festive food and drink from a tavern’s bar back to your table, all while avoiding other players and the ever-watchful bouncer.

A Fun Festive Game of Tavern Mayhem

“Adventurers, welcome to my bar!” beckons the invitation to the game, aptly describing the thematic and jovial experience players can expect. The first ‘party’ to fill their table with food and drink wins the game. Players must strategize to avoid spillages, dodge the bouncer, and refrain from shoving other guests to be named the pub champion.

Limited Availability

Mantic Games has emphasized that “BarRoom Brawl™” will be available in limited numbers with one print run only, heightening the exclusivity of the game. This special edition release promises six hand-cast resin models, and it’s packaged as a pre-order in waves to manage availability, with the announcement marking the commencement of Wave 1.

Pre-Orders and Shipping

Players and collectors looking to add this unique piece of gaming history to their shelves can get their pre-orders in now, but they must act quickly as stocks are expected to run out. Mantic Games has committed to shipping all pre-orders in November, ensuring that players are all set to start opening those doors and diving into the festive fun when December rolls around.

A New Tradition in Gaming

Perfect as a self-contained hobby project or a source of family fun during the holiday season, “BarRoom Brawl™” represents a creative and novel approach to both miniature gaming and festive celebrations. By combining the anticipation of an advent calendar with the engagement of a tabletop game, Mantic Games has crafted a delightful experience that is sure to resonate with gamers and collectors alike.