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Mantic Games Announces Board Game Division

Mantic Games Announces Board Game Division

Mantic has a lot of games under its banner. One it’s stretching into is the realm of board games and to make things run more smoothly, they’ve decided to have that part split off into its own division within the company.

From the announcement:

Mantic Games – creators of best-selling miniatures games, including Kings of War® and Deadzone®– is pleased to announce the creation of a new dedicated board game division. Based at Mantic’s Nottingham office, this new department will focus on creating family-friendly board games and role-playing experiences.

The first title to be launched under Mantic’s board game division is Umbrella Academy: The Board Game, which is due to launch on the Gamefound crowd funding platform on June 15th. Featuring simple pick-up-and-play rules and co-operative gameplay, Umbrella Academy: The Board Game fits perfectly with the division’s philosophy to develop experiences for the whole family to enjoy.