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Leagues of Votann (Squats) Coming (Back) to 40k

Leagues of Votann (Squats) Coming (Back) to 40k

As a news reporter, I hate April 1st. I’ve been burned before by a story that looked real, only to find out later that it wasn’t. That was my reaction when I first saw that the Leagues of Votann (formerly known as the Squats) were coming back to 40k. Like, that’s literally BEEN an April 1st joke from GW before. But, unless they’re REALLY leaning into it this time, they actually ARE making their way back to the game.

From the article:

Yes, they’re really real. In an April Fools double-bluff that had Tzeentch himself scratching his feathered head, Humanity’s long-lost cousins actually are making their return to the 41st Millennium as a full Warhammer 40,000 faction.

And while those nasty Necromundans still call them Squats, that’s not at all how they refer to themselves. These warriors have a long and proud martial history, and to those who aren’t on their bad side, they’re known as the Leagues of Votann – though they refer to themselves as Kin.