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Kisarta 5th Edition Setting Book Back Up On Kickstarter

Kisarta 5th Edition Setting Book Back Up On Kickstarter

Not ever Kickstarter goes as intended. That’s just a fact of life. Well, just because it’s not going great doesn’t mean that you have to totally abandon the project. With some reconfiguring, retooling, and reflection, a relaunch can be much more successful. That’s what’s going on with Kisarta, a new fantasy setting for 5th edition. The first Kickstarter was cancelled, but this new one is already more than 2x funded.

From the campaign:

Welcome to Kisarta, a world of danger and horror, where you will face chaos, insanity and damnation as well as deadly enemies and frightening monsters. The netherworld realms of Kisarta are ruled by unholy and terrifying beings, and inhabited by the souls of the dead that awaken there. It is a place of struggle, and every adventurer must face constant danger and harsh challenges. 

Each player impersonates the Soul of a dead person awakening in a tomb near the mysterious City of Limbo. Souls must fight, plot, track down cults and conspiracies to uncover ancient secrets hidden among the forgotten ruins and in the minds of the beings that live there. Only then can they hope to carve out a place for themselves within the tangles of the Great Game, where true power lies.

uring their adventures on Kisarta, characters will delve into those dark Dominions, the planes of existence ruled and shaped by mighty Guardians:

  •  The Crucible of Damned, ruled by Malphas, Lord of the Forty Armies, the Goleth Monster
  •  The Howling Forest, ruled by Yuul, the Heart of the Forest, the Ancestral Terror
  •  The Nameless Abyss, ruled by Ylvethar The Eternal, the Watcher, Master of the Stars
  •  The Ocean of Lost Souls, ruled by Lyriash, Queen of the Deep, Mistress of the Unmoving Tides
  •  The Pit of Eternity, ruled by a mysterious entity only known as the Devourer 
  •  The Radiant Citadel, ruled by is Cytrhiur the Shining, the Broken King, the Light without Shadow
  •  The Whispering Desert, ruled by Mal-Val’ahm, the Keeper of a Hundred Deceitful Truths, the Serpent of the Sands.

The campaign’s more than 2x funded with 18 days left to go.