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Iconic Video Game Worms Takes a Tactical Turn to Tabletop: Kickstarter Campaign Coming Soon

Iconic Video Game Worms Takes a Tactical Turn to Tabletop: Kickstarter Campaign Coming Soon

Fans of the Worms video game series, prepare for an onslaught of Holy Hand Grenades and Rocket Launchers on your gaming tables. Team17 Digital has teamed up with tabletop gaming experts Mantic Games to create Worms: The Board Game, marking the debut of the beloved invertebrates in the realm of tabletop games.

Mantic Games, known for their successful adaptations of popular franchises into tabletop games like Hellboy, Mars Attacks, and The Walking Dead, will helm the project. A Kickstarter campaign for Worms: The Board Game is slated to launch in August 2023. The retail launch is scheduled for 2024, marking a key milestone as the Worms series heads towards its 30th-anniversary celebration in 2025.

Michael Pattison, CEO of Team17 Digital, expressed his enthusiasm about the project, stating, “The Worms brand has played a huge part in Team17 Digital’s success for nearly 30 years. We’re thrilled that our wriggly critters will soon be battling away on tables around the world.” He added that Mantic Games has worked closely with Team17 Digital to encapsulate the full Worms experience into a tabletop game, with both companies eagerly awaiting the crowdfunding campaign’s launch in the coming months.

Ronnie Renton, CEO of Mantic Games, shared the excitement, noting that Worms: The Board Game is “shaping up to offer all of the addictive, tactical gameplay and laugh-out-loud moments that you’d expect!” He praised the video game series and expressed joy at the prospect of bringing the feel-good Worms experience to tabletop enthusiasts and Worms fans worldwide.

Fans are invited to sign up for notifications about the upcoming Kickstarter campaign for Worms: The Board Game. As the countdown to the campaign begins, the team at Mantic Games has reportedly been enjoying playtesting and is looking forward to sharing the “addictive, laugh-out-loud multiplayer mayhem” with backers soon.

Worms: The Board Game is set to launch its Kickstarter campaign in August 2023. Interested parties are encouraged to sign up to avoid missing the exciting opportunity to bring classic Worms gameplay to their tabletops.