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Hit Point Press Announces Q2 Recipients of the Luminary Grant

Hit Point Press Announces Q2 Recipients of the Luminary Grant

Hit Point Press has revealed the latest recipients of the Luminary Grant, an initiative aimed at supporting independent creators in the tabletop game industry. The grant recipients for Q2 have been chosen for their innovative projects, which promise to bring new, exciting experiences to tabletop gamers.

The Luminary Grant, originally funded through the ‘If I Were A Lich, Man’ Kickstarter campaign, offers financial support to independent game creators. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, with new recipients selected every quarter.

The Q2 recipients of the Luminary Grant are Arisa Santiago, Colton Balske, Jan Martin, and Kandi J. Williams. Each recipient has been working on intriguing projects that are set to bring a refreshing twist to tabletop games.

Arisa Santiago is the creative mind behind ‘Corps à Corps,’ a stat-raising roleplaying game where players take on the role of a fencer and navigate their relationships with each other in a competitive setting. The game explores themes of camaraderie and sportsmanship, offering a unique blend of RPG and minigames.

Colton Balske’s ‘Valor and Shadows’ is an upcoming setting and adventure for Hit Point Press’s new SHIFT RPG system. This neo-noir world of superheroes and villains will allow players to influence the fate of their world through grand schemes, mighty powers, and deceit.

Jan Martin is developing ‘Employee of the Year,’ an anthology of independent games centered around themes of despair and hope. This collection will offer a wide range of narratives, including the investigation of a god’s murder, treasure hunting, confronting past lives, and a race against time.

Kandi J. Williams’ ‘Briar Bound’ is a narrative-driven roleplaying game inspired by the Br’er Rabbit stories. The game takes players on a journey through African-inspired locations, as they use their wits to overcome obstacles and guide their friend Rabbit back home to the Briar Patch.

The Luminary Grant showcases Hit Point Press’s commitment to fostering creativity and diversity within the tabletop game industry. The company is already accepting applications for the next quarter, encouraging independent creators with exciting ideas to apply for the opportunity to bring their projects to life.