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Green Ronin to Publish CypherCo’s Into the Mother Lands Roleplaying Game

Green Ronin to Publish CypherCo’s Into the Mother Lands Roleplaying Game

Green Ronin Publishing, a leading tabletop roleplaying game (RPG) publisher, has announced that it will be publishing CypherCo’s Into the Mother Lands RPG. The game originally began as a streaming show in 2020 and went on to raise $360,000 through Kickstarter to create a standalone RPG. The game is set on Vutoa, a distant world settled by survivors of an African emperor’s expedition that left Earth 1,000 years ago.

Green Ronin President Chris Pramas expressed his excitement about working with Tanya DePass and B. Dave Walters, the creators of Into the Mother Lands, saying, “They’ve created something special with Into the Mother Lands.” The game focuses on the diverse cultures of Vutoa and the challenges its inhabitants face as they strive to survive on their adopted homeworld.

CypherCo’s Tanya DePass said that Green Ronin will help the game reach a wider audience, including new players, retailers, and more. She clarified that the game’s IP, world, actual play, and all properties are owned and created by CypherCo’s crew, but are for everyone to enjoy. Pramas emphasized that Green Ronin’s role is to publish the game and get it into bookstores, game stores, and other channels.

Into the Mother Lands uses a new system of the creators’ design, and CypherCo’s B. Dave Walters said he was ecstatic to work with Green Ronin to bring the game to backers, players, and storytellers. More information and previews of the game will be announced in the coming months.

Green Ronin Publishing is a Seattle-based company dedicated to producing great games. It has been a force in the tabletop RPG industry since 2000, publishing games such as Blue Rose, The Expanse, Dragon Age, and Mutants & Masterminds. It has also worked as a design house for hobby giants Games Workshop and Wizards of the Coast on titles such as Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 2nd Edition and the Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition supplements Out of the Abyss and the Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide. Green Ronin is publishing three new RPGs in 2023: Fantasy AGE 2nd Edition, Cthulhu Awakens, and the Fifth Season RPG based on N.K. Jemisin’s Broken Earth Trilogy.

CypherCo LLC is a Chicago-based company led by Tanya DePass and B. Dave Walters, who are responsible for creating and publishing Into the Mother Lands RPG. The game offers players an amazing tale of interstellar exploration and adventure led astray many generations past. Fans of Wakanda and Star Trek will find a comfortable fit in this universe, where players can choose to play as a descendant of the alien culture that originally called Musalia home or as one of the cultures that evolved from the blending of human and alien technology over the centuries.