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Games Workshop Unveils Pre-Orders for Warcry: Nightmare Quest

Games Workshop Unveils Pre-Orders for Warcry: Nightmare Quest

Games Workshop has announced the highly anticipated pre-orders for the latest expansion of Warcry, titled “Nightmare Quest.” This expansion marks the grand finale of the Gnarlwood saga, promising a captivating conclusion to the intense battles fought within the dark and mysterious realm.

“Warcry: Nightmare Quest” introduces two formidable warbands, each with their own distinct strengths and characteristics. The first warband, known as the Questor Soulsworn, is a force to be reckoned with, while the second warband, the Royal Beastflayers, possesses a unique and awe-inspiring prowess. Together, these warbands comprise a total of 16 finely detailed miniatures, featuring 10 vicious ghouls and six mighty Stormcast Eternals.

What truly sets “Nightmare Quest” apart is the inclusion of an expansive ziggurat Realmshaper Engine, alongside two Gnarloaks, two rope bridges, and five diverse obstacles. These elements combine to form an impressive array of Warcry terrain, providing players with an unparalleled battlefield to showcase their strategic prowess in both Warcry and Warhammer Age of Sigmar.

Complementing the miniatures and terrain is the 64-page “Warband Tome: Might and Madness.” This essential tome contains all the necessary rules for conducting campaigns with both warbands, offering players a wealth of additional scenarios to utilize their new terrain. Additionally, the expansion includes a double-sided game board, 30 battleplan cards, 12 fighter cards, two warband abilities cards, and three divider cards, further enhancing the gameplay experience.

In conjunction with the release of “Nightmare Quest,” Games Workshop presents two more warbands for Warcry enthusiasts to explore. The first, “Warcry: Askurgan Trueblades,” introduces a group of curious vampires known as the Askurgan Trueblades. In contrast to their counterparts, these ascetic vampires focus on martial excellence and self-control, rather than succumbing to their unholy thirst. This set contains eight intricately designed miniatures and 17 accompanying cards, offering a unique twist to Warcry gameplay.

The second warband, “Warcry: Claws of Karanak,” embodies the frenzied nature of the Khornate warriors. This group of bloodthirsty warriors fervently worships Flesh Hounds and seeks to emulate their daemonic patrons through gruesome displays of carnage. With eight stunning miniatures and 16 accompanying cards, the Claws of Karanak warband provides players with a savage and relentless fighting force.