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Games Workshop Taking Pre-orders For Aeronautica Imperialis

Games Workshop Taking Pre-orders For Aeronautica Imperialis

Shoom! Shoom! Dakka-dakka-dakka! Neeeeeroooom! Bshhhh! Aaaaah! *moves the little planes around by their stands while making sound effects*

Err… umm… yes. *puts toy planes away* Games Workshop has started taking pre-orders for a new miniatures game set in the 40k universe. It’s Aeronautica Imperialis and it’s akin to Wings of Fury and X-Wing, in that you’re controlling aircraft in the skies high above the battlefield. The starter set is Imperial vs. Orks. You can order your copy now.

From the website:

The Aeronautica Imperialis: Wings of Vengeance boxed set includes everything you need to play exciting games of aerial combat between aircraft from the Imperial Navy and the Ork Air Waaagh!

The set includes the following Citadel multipart plastic miniatures, each supplied with an Aeronautica Imperialis base:

– 2x Imperial Navy Thunderbolt Fighters (can be assembled as Thunderbolt Fighters or Thunderbolt Fury Fighters)
– 2x Imperial Navy Marauder Bombers
– 3x Ork Air Waaagh! Dakkajets
– 2x Ork Air Waaagh! Fighta Bommers

The set also includes a 36-page rulebook featuring the following information:

– The full Aeronautica Imperialis game rules, including how to build your force using Squadron Lists, how to perform Ace Manoeuvres, field different classes of aircraft and unleash ground defences. Learn how to manoeuvre your aircraft, adjust their altitude and change speed while avoiding the risks of crashing and breaking up (if you exceed your maximum speed). There are even rules for special manoeuvres including landing, taxiing, and taking-off.
– The Dogfight scenario, as well as optional rules for fighting at night or in bad weather conditions
– Squadron Lists, providing details of all of the aircraft in the box as well as their weapon options and special rules
– A reference page showing the 8 different manoeuvres aircraft can take, as well as a 2-page quick reference containing the key game rules

And more…

– 1x double-sided card Area of Engagement game board (depicting two aerial war zones)
– 1x double-sided card token sheet (70 tokens to help you keep track of all the action)
– 8x Six-sided dice (white with black pips)
– 1x Transfer sheet (for the Imperial Navy and Ork Air Waaagh! aircraft included in the set)
– 2x Quick reference cards (containing the key game rules)