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Games Workshop Previews Arcadian Leontus for 40k

Games Workshop Previews Arcadian Leontus for 40k

You’d think that “guy in armor, wielding a sword while on horseback” would be a description for an Age of Sigmar model. But no, Lord Commander Solar Arcadian Leontus is a model for 40k. Get a look at him in this preview.

From the article:

The forces of the Astra Militarum are receiving heavy reinforcements – the indomitable Rogal Dorn Tank and its mighty twin-battle cannon, elite Kasrkin operatives, upgraded Sentinels, Shock Troops, and artillery, impetuous Rough Riders, and more. The enemies of the Imperium will learn to fear the Hammer of the Emperor.

There’s one man ultimately in charge of it all, wielding a weapon formed of countless lives and limitless tanks. And yes, he has a horse.

As the Lord Commander Solar, Arcadian Leontus sits among the highest echelons of the Imperium, boasting an unimaginable roll of titles, peerages, ranks, and probably a whole gaggle of attendants tasked solely with ensuring that his horse has enough cyber-hay.