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Games Workshop Posts Warscrolls for Warcry Minis

Games Workshop Posts Warscrolls for Warcry Minis

As we mentioned earlier, there’s a new box set on its way for Warcry. But what if you’ve got the previous one? And what if you want to use those minis in Age of Sigmar? Well, Games Workshop has you covered. They’ve released free warscrolls for the units found in that box.

From the article:

Things are about to get much bloodier in the Gnarlwood. The next Warcry expansion hits pre-order this Saturday, and it brings an ascetic sect of beast-slaying vampire monks into conflict with a baying horde of Khornate murder-cultists. 

But that’s not it for Warcry goodies this week – two other warbands are getting their first standalone release. Make way for the silent-but-deadly Hunters of Huanchi and the idolatrous Jade Obelisk.