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Games Workshop Announces Leagues of Votann Balance Update

Games Workshop Announces Leagues of Votann Balance Update

So, the Leagues of Votann might be brand-new on the tabletop, but they’re already getting themselves a balance update. Seems that people took a look at the army’s rules and went, “… seriously?” And GW has listened. They’ve got some initial updates and will have more coming soon.

From the article:

Warhammer 40,000 is a big, complex game with lots of factors to account for, and codexes are usually written and sent off for printing a good few months ahead of publication. In practice, this means it’s not always clear what kind of competitive environment a new book will drop into. In this instance, the army was tested against other recent books like Aeldari and Tyranids – many of which have seen their own increases in points and rules adjustments since their release to align with the wider game.

We’ve got a devoted rules team, and an amazing group of playtesters, but even after a rigorous testing period, sometimes we miss things that a passionate world-wide community of hundreds of thousands will quickly spot.

We’re sorry we didn’t get these rules right out of the gate.

And we’ll fix it.