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Forge World Announces Upgraded Vehicles for Space Marines in Age of Darkness!

Forge World Announces Upgraded Vehicles for Space Marines in Age of Darkness!

Armoured vehicles have always been a vital part of the Age of Darkness, and now, Forge World brings back some of its most iconic tanks with upgraded plastic components. These new releases are set to enhance the battlefield prowess of various factions in the war-torn universe.

Leading the charge is the Mastodon Super-Heavy Assault Transport. Renowned for its ability to transport over 40 Space Marines amidst the fiercest firestorms, the Mastodon now features new plastic weapon sponsons, augmenting its defensive capabilities. A new datasheet for the Mastodon will soon be available, further amplifying its offensive potential.

Joining the fray is the Arquitor Bombard with Graviton-Charge Cannon. Based on the Sicaran chassis, this mobile artillery vehicle rains heavy bombardment on enemy positions while advancing alongside infantry forces. With the addition of new vehicle sponsons, the graviton-charge cannon unleashes a lethal gravimetric field, turning the battlefield into a quagmire.

The Arquitor Bombard also arrives in two other configurations. The Arquitor Bombard with Morbus Heavy Bombard employs massive explosive shells to obliterate targets at close range. Meanwhile, the Arquitor Bombard with Spicula Rocket System bombards the enemy with an unguided munitions barrage, suppressing and demolishing anything in its path. The inclusion of new vehicle sponsons in both kits allows for expanded customization and tactical options.

For commanders seeking a formidable mobile command center, the Deimos Pattern Damocles Command Rhino Upgrade Kit is the answer. Equipped with advanced sensors and augury scanners, the Damocles Command Rhino offers an unparalleled battlefield view, enabling commanders to coordinate their forces with precision. This resin upgrade kit converts a Deimos Pattern Rhino into a Damocles Command Rhino, providing both style and strategic advantage.

Unleashing devastating firepower, the Fellblade Super-Heavy Battle Tank takes center stage. Based on the revered Baneblade blueprint, the Fellblade incorporates numerous advanced technologies, making it the premier super-heavy tank of the Legiones Astartes. Upgraded with new plastic sponson sprues, assembling this Lord of War to suit individual preferences has never been easier.

Rounding out the releases is the Falchion Super-Heavy Tank Destroyer, combining the best features of the Fellblade and Shadowsword tanks. Armed with twin volcano cannons, the Falchion poses a threat even to Titans, while still possessing the flexibility to engage smaller targets. Upgraded plastic sponson sprues enable customization and provide ease of construction for this mighty war machine.

The Glaive Super-Heavy Special Weapons Tank showcases the destructive power of volkite weaponry. Its volkite carronade emits a searing beam capable of incinerating entire formations, while supplemental lascannon arrays handle hardened targets. With upgraded plastic sponson sprues, constructing this imposing Lord of War is a breeze.

Last but not least, the Javelin Land Speeder races onto the battlefield, delivering swift strikes against key targets. With new plastic sponson options, this resin vehicle offers increased versatility, whether mowing down infantry with heavy bolters or piercing vehicle armor with twin lascannons.

All of these exciting releases are now available for pre-order on the official Forge World webstore. Prepare to dominate the Age of Darkness with these upgraded vehicles, delivering both style and enhanced performance to the battlefield.