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Fantasy Grounds Releases Test Build v4.5.0 with New Features

Fantasy Grounds Releases Test Build v4.5.0 with New Features

Fantasy Grounds has launched a preview of its new test build, version 4.5.0. This update introduces several features aimed at improving the gameplay experience for both Game Masters (GMs) and players.

Available through the Fantasy Grounds Test Channel, this test build brings forward a range of new functionalities intended to streamline gameplay and enhance storytelling capabilities. Among the notable updates is the revamped user interface, designed for better organization and accessibility. The interface includes new headers and sections within various windows such as items and NPCs, facilitating easier navigation and management of game assets.

For GMs, the update provides improved control over NPC tokens with features like full-body images and token camera views. A new sharing option has also been introduced, allowing GMs to distribute images to players more efficiently, aiming to improve communication and immersion during gameplay.

The test build enhances map management tools as well. Features such as token identification on hover, a new ping mode for highlighting areas of interest, and a camera mode for dynamic map exploration are included. These tools are designed to offer GMs and players more ways to interact with maps, providing different perspectives and more immersive experiences.

Additionally, the update makes accessing module navigation easier, directly from the story interface. This change is intended to simplify the process of running adventures and accessing game resources, making the platform more user-friendly.

Doug Davison, CEO of Fantasy Grounds, highlighted the test build as a step towards the future of the platform, emphasizing that the new features were developed in response to community feedback. The goal is to improve the overall gaming experience on Fantasy Grounds.

The test build v4.5.0 is now open for public beta testing, with a planned official launch in early March, depending on feedback and testing outcomes. GMs and players are invited to participate in the test channel to provide feedback and help refine the final release.