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Fantasy Flight Previews Monsters in Arkham Horror 3rd Edition

Fantasy Flight Previews Monsters in Arkham Horror 3rd Edition

The Year of New Editions continues along into its last quarter. Still plenty of time to check out how games you love have been updated. In this post, we get a look at the monsters and combat coming in the 3rd edition of Arkham Horror. What sort of digusting otherworldly creatures will you be fighting? Check it out.

From the post:

While the streets of Arkham exude a sense of isolation, it would be a mistake to think you’re alone. During the course of your investigation into the bizarre occurrences in our fair city, you’ll come across deranged cultists dedicated to merging our reality with an Ancient One, horrific creatures from nightmares beyond your imagination, and more. These enemies will do everything in their power to bring doom to Arkham, and it’s up to you to stop them.

Join us today as we preview monster encounters in Arkham Horror Third Edition, the newest version of the classic board game of cooperation and cosmic horror!

Last week, we examined the action phase and how players can unravel the mysteries of the city. During the course of your investigation, monsters will attempt to harm your investigators both physically and mentally, as well as carrying out the schemes of the Ancient Ones that threaten to tear our reality apart. Dealing with these enemies is essential if you hope to succeed with your sanity intact.