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Experience Future Fantasy Like Never Before in Otherworlds, the Anime-Inspired RPG on Kickstarter

Experience Future Fantasy Like Never Before in Otherworlds, the Anime-Inspired RPG on Kickstarter

Otherworlds, the anime-inspired fantasy roleplaying game, is currently on Kickstarter and has 28 days left until the campaign ends on June 1st. Designed by Vincent Baker of Vindicated Entertainment, Otherworlds is a game and universe that offers players new possibilities, featuring vast character creation, streamlined rules, dynamic combat, and an expansive universe.

The Otherworlds Core Rulebook offers 12 races, 12 classes, 12 sub-classes, options to create your own hybrid classes, 24 themes (which include backgrounds), equipment, items, 85 friends & enemies, 34 enemy variants, 12 worlds, 10 vehicles (with additional transportation options), over 150 spells, story tables, and more. With over one million combinations available to create your character, Otherworlds provides an extensive character customization experience without intimidating new players.

The game is perfect for those who enjoy adventurous campaigns of combat, puzzle solving, and exploration. It is inspired by many video games and anime, and the Otherworlds universe is a multi-genre experience that has a primary focus on what they call “future fantasy.” Players can explore beautiful and dark worlds of magic, wonder, and technology in the Veralyis Galaxy, which is home to many worlds that span through many unique eras.

Otherworlds is suitable for all kinds of players, whether new to TTRPGs, experienced with Otherworlds, or veterans to TTRPGs. It offers a lot of brand new ideas from new races, abilities, and mechanics to excite even the most experienced of players, while also being streamlined and easy to learn for new players.

The game uses a system that requires only 2d6, and milestone advancement for leveling, placing the story in focus. The simple resolution system of Attribute + Skill Proficiency must be equal or higher than difficulty, making it easy for players to pick up and play. Every 6 rolled in the game results in continuous rolls that can lead anywhere from critical hits to epic tales forged of your most heroic moments. There is also an Edge system that provides advantages and disadvantages based on the story circumstances.

The Otherworlds combat system combines fast, narrative combat with tactical and strategic combat, making it fun, stylish, fast, and tactical. The game offers dynamic combat options and allows players to counter-attack and use combat maneuvers like disarming, knocking down, and dealing special types of attacks like bleeding strikes to keep the game state constantly changing.

Otherworlds is a game that encourages players to build from their creativity first and foremost, letting the game’s rules work for them rather than against them. The game offers an extensive character customization experience, allowing players to create unique and personalized characters that affect gameplay and story.