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Commander Masters Brings Back Legends and Introduces New Cards in Ready-to-Play Decks

Commander Masters Brings Back Legends and Introduces New Cards in Ready-to-Play Decks

Magic: The Gathering fans, get ready for Commander Masters, the latest addition to the beloved trading card game. Set to release on August 4, 2023, Commander Masters promises to be a game-changer with its powerful reprints, returning legends, and four ready-to-play decks.

The set features fan favorites like Jeweled Lotus, The Ur-Dragon, and Capture of Jingzhou, and several other amazing reprints, including Personal Tutor and Selvala, Heart of the Wilds. The set also reintroduces the textured foil treatment, along with foil-etched cards in Collector Boosters, to showcase some of the coolest cards in Commander Masters.

One of the most exciting aspects of Commander Masters is the new-to-Magic cards found in the four ready-to-play Commander decks. Each of these 100-card decks features ten new-to-Magic cards, including new commanders to lead the way. The decks include Eldrazi Unbound (Colorless), Enduring Enchantments (White-Black-Green), Planeswalker Party (White-Blue-Red), and Sliver Swarm (White-Blue-Black-Red-Green).

While the Display commander cards are not for sanctioned gameplay, extended-art versions of these Commander Masters commanders are available in Collector Boosters.

Fans can preorder Commander Masters now through online retailers such as Amazon or at their local store using the set code CMM. The set is tabletop-legal in Legacy, Vintage, and Commander formats, but unfortunately, it is not available on MTG Arena.

The Commander Masters launch is set to debut on July 11, with previews starting on July 17-20. The complete card image galleries will be available on July 21, and the set will be featured in a pre-prerelease with Loading Ready Run on July 22. WPN Premium Store Preview Events will take place on July 28-30, and the Command Zone Podcast’s Extra Turns Gameplay will be held on August 2. The global tabletop launch is set for August 4.

Commander Masters is expected to be a must-have for Magic: The Gathering fans, offering a unique draft experience with friends, a chance to build out their collections, and the opportunity to level up their coolest Commander decks.