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Cloudbreaker Alliance: A Boundary-Breaking Tabletop RPG Finds Success on Kickstarter, Announces Exciting Collaborations

Cloudbreaker Alliance: A Boundary-Breaking Tabletop RPG Finds Success on Kickstarter, Announces Exciting Collaborations

Cloudbreaker Alliance is a new counter-apocalyptic tabletop roleplaying game that’s recently headed to Kickstarter. The RPG has already amassed $31,680, surpassing its original goal of $19,313, and it’s still got 8 days left on the campaign!

What Is Cloudbreaker Alliance?

Developed with an original 2d6 system, Cloudbreaker Alliance combines the best of Eastern and Western media, inspired by the likes of Star Trek, Final Fantasy, Anime, Manga, JRPG, Wuxia, and Terry Pratchett’s Discworld. The game draws players into a shattered world, challenged to reunite lost civilizations and reclaim territories swarming with monsters.

Korean Adventure Meets Cloudbreaker Alliance

Excitingly, Don’t Stop Thinking and Nine Heavens Press have joined forces to announce that “Undying Corruption: A Korean Adventure” will be compatible with Cloudbreaker Alliance’s system. This 400+ page adventure path book, inspired by Korean folklore and history, will be a thrilling addition to Cloudbreaker Alliance, enriching the gaming experience with new dungeons, items, custom artwork, and monsters.

Kickstarter backers will receive a 10% discount code for the digital download of Undying Corruption, an offer valid until the end of the funding period on August 31st.

Collaboration and Multiverse Creation

In addition to the collaboration with Undying Corruption, Cloudbreaker Alliance is partnering with Brother Ming Games’ Re;Act boardgame to introduce “The Painter” as a limited edition class for the Channeler discipline, available exclusively to Kickstarter backers.

Game Mechanics and Accessibility

Among its features, Cloudbreaker Alliance prioritizes problem-solving over damage dealing, emphasizes collaboration, and introduces robust escape & chase sequence rules. The game is highly accessible, requiring only two six-sided dice, and the release will be accompanied by animated video tutorials.

The game’s character creation system offers a modular approach that separates roleplay from combat. With 32 classes and over 100 class combinations, CBA offers immense depth without sacrificing accessibility. Plus, a conversion chart for 5e monsters will be provided, allowing for a seamless transition for those in the 5e community.

Setting and World Building

The game’s setting is rich and varied, with four unique regions, numerous sentient lifeforms, and various government systems inspired by less common models like kongsi republic and steppe confederacy. GMs and players are also provided with guides to create their own regions and civilizations.


Cloudbreaker Alliance is an intriguing addition to the tabletop RPG landscape, boasting a wealth of content, collaboration, and innovation. Its Kickstarter campaign ends on September 1st, so don’t miss the chance to be part of this counter-apocalyptic adventure.

For more detailed insights into gameplay, classes, enemy morale systems, and the fantastical world of Cloudbreaker Alliance, head over to their Kickstarter page and back this awesome project.