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Chaosium Inc. Announces Launch of Pendragon Starter Set on June 29

Chaosium Inc. Announces Launch of Pendragon Starter Set on June 29

Chaosium Inc., the game design company known for its innovative role-playing games, has announced the release of the Pendragon Starter Set, scheduled to launch on June 29th. Priced at $29.99, the boxed set includes three full-color softcover booklets, pre-generated character sheets, appendices, battle cards, and a set of seven polyhedral dice.

Created by Greg Stafford, Pendragon is a role-playing game set in the mythical era of King Arthur’s Britain. Players assume the roles of knights and take on riveting challenges, confronting mythical monsters, rival knights, and other awe-inspiring obstacles in pursuit of Glory.

The Pendragon Starter Set offers an exhilarating world of adventure, set during a time of legends and chivalry. Players are plunged into an era of the Sword in the Stone, the reign of the Boy King and Merlin, and their battles against adversaries vying for the crown. The game challenges players to embody the virtues of chivalry, asking, “What kind of knight are you?”

Combat in Pendragon is intense and brutal, demanding knights exhibit utmost valor and earn Glory for their prowess. The game offers opportunities for moral and ethical decision-making, testing whether players will champion justice or exploit their power to dominate others.

The Pendragon Starter Set provides everything required for a thrilling quest, including a selection of pre-generated characters and a short campaign designed for multiple gameplay sessions.

The Pendragon Starter Set box comprises:

  • Book I: “The Adventure of the Sword in the Stone,” a solo adventure teaching players the rules of Pendragon.
  • Book II: “The Fabled Realm,” offering a comprehensive overview of the game’s setting and core mechanics.
  • Book III: “The Sword Campaign,” a beginner-friendly campaign covering three game years of King Arthur’s early reign.
  • Appendices: Supplemental rules and setting details that enrich the narrative of “The Sword Campaign.”
  • Eight pre-generated Player-knights, primed for adventure.
  • Eighteen Battle Cards for generating Battle Encounters and Opportunities.
  • A set of seven polyhedral dice, suitable for role-playing in Pendragon.

With its upcoming release, the Pendragon Starter Set is set to introduce players to an epic world of Arthurian adventure, challenging their courage, honor, and strategic prowess.