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CCP Games Teams Up with Titan Forge to Bring EVE Online to Tabletops

CCP Games Teams Up with Titan Forge to Bring EVE Online to Tabletops

CCP Games, the masterminds behind the massive multiplayer online game, EVE Online, have embarked on a thrilling partnership with tabletop titan, Titan Forge. This alliance will convert the expansive digital realms of EVE Online into a tangible board game, inviting both loyal fans and tabletop aficionados to the star-studded universe of New Eden.

EVE Online’s migration to board game format promises an immersive blend of 4X strategy and Euro-game mechanics, channeling the essence of its player-driven storylines, elaborate economic systems, and breathtaking visuals. Titan Forge, known for their intricate miniature designs, will sculpt a myriad of starships for players to command, bringing the politics, resource strategy, and combative excitement of EVE Online to life on tabletops.

This thrilling adaptation will make its debut at EVE Fanfest 2023, set to be held from September 21-23 in Reykjavik, Iceland. Fans eager for a sneak peek can chart their course to the Kickstarter pre-launch page which is now live, and set to launch the campaign in Q4 2023.

EVE Online’s board game is Titan Forge’s most audacious venture yet, as voiced by their founder, Roman Łakomiak. “EVE Online’s colossal, player-driven universe offers the ultimate canvas for a tabletop sandbox experience. Teaming up with CCP Games, we aim to bridge both digital and physical gaming worlds, paying homage to EVE Online’s rich 20-year legacy.”

Grant Tasker, EVE Online’s Brand Director at CCP Games, shares the enthusiasm, “EVE Online’s intricate gameplay and vibrant economy are tailor-made for a captivating board game adaptation. As we revel in two decades of EVE Online, our collaboration with Titan Forge encapsulates New Eden’s spirit, bringing our iconic MMO to tabletops without diluting its essence.”

Marking its 20th anniversary in 2023, EVE Online has been a stalwart in the gaming industry. Set in the distant future, 21,000 years from now, it offers players a vast cosmic playground to explore, engage, and influence. With CCP Games’ celebrated legacy and Titan Forge’s tabletop prowess, the EVE Online board game is poised to be a stellar addition to game nights everywhere.

To be notified when the project launches head over to the Kickstarter page.