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“Ad Astra” Expansion Takes “Mutant: Year Zero” RPG Beyond Earth on February 13

“Ad Astra” Expansion Takes “Mutant: Year Zero” RPG Beyond Earth on February 13

Free League Publishing has announced an exciting new horizon for their award-winning game, “Mutant: Year Zero.” The latest expansion, “Ad Astra,” is set to launch on February 13, promising an extraordinary adventure beyond the devastated Earth.

“Ad Astra” propels players from the desolate surface of Earth into the mysteries of space, venturing into orbit and beyond into the solar system. The expansion paints a picture of a haunting journey: as players peer through the portholes of a space capsule, they glimpse a city suspended in the void, a stark reminder of humanity’s poisoned cradle below. However, this star city bears scars of its own—riddled with holes, torn wires, and shattered satellite dishes—a testament that the apocalypse spared no corner of the cosmos.

This new chapter in the “Mutant: Year Zero” universe can be experienced as a standalone adventure or as a continuation of the “Path to Eden” campaign from the core rulebook. Notably, “Ad Astra” introduces rules for space-based gameplay and offers an extensive overview of the solar system, laying the groundwork for further galactic exploration.

The creative force behind “Ad Astra” includes Jens Alm, a celebrated freelance writer, collaborating with the core team at Free League. The visual journey is brought to life by the stunning illustrations of Kim W. Andersson, an award-winning comic book writer and artist renowned for works like “Love Hurts,” “Astrid,” and “Alena”—the latter adapted into a successful Swedish film.

In anticipation of the release, Free League has launched a pre-order on their webshop, offering immediate early access to the complete PDF version of “Ad Astra” ahead of its official release. This move allows eager fans to dive into the expansion’s rich narrative and gameplay mechanics without delay.