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WizKids Previews HeroClix 2023 Rules Update #1

WizKids Previews HeroClix 2023 Rules Update #1

HeroClix is getting some rules updates this year from WizKids. First up in the previews of what’s changing is rules for making standard objects matter in games. These oft-overlooked tokens are changing how they work. See how in this post.

From the article:

Greetings HeroClix Masterminds! 

 Over the past two years we have examined and learned from our last rules update. The 2021 rules update lived up to its goals of making the game more accessible to players, and we still plan to adhere to the spirit of that update. Whereas that update focused on streamlining the core gameplay, this small slate of changes will focus on increasing the excitement and flavor of most games without markedly increasing the complexity of its rules. Rules you read about in these articles won’t take effect until closer to the release of Marvel HeroClix: Spider-Man Beyond Amazing, when players have the updated rulebook in-hand. As with all rules updates, we will reveal the PAC and Comprehensive rulebook ahead of that release. 

Over the course of this series, we will walk you through all the upcoming changes. Our goal is to both demonstrate the fun behind these changes as well as to clarify any initial questions that you may have. Individual articles will go more in-depth, but in broad strokes this specific rules update began with a single question: How do we make standard objects matter again?