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WizKids Announces Silver Age Format for HeroClix

WizKids Announces Silver Age Format for HeroClix

Occasionally, sets in HeroClix get rotated out, meaning they’re no longer valid to use in regular organized play. But what happens to all those figures that rotate out? Some get still used in a format called Golden Age, but WizKids has created a new format called Silver Age that will also help with these not-Modern Age-figures.

From the article:

Greetings HeroClix players!

We’ve got three things to share with you today: Silver Age, the 2021 Modern Age Rotation, and a special WizKids Q&A Session on Twitch!

Silver Age

A new and fun HeroClix format will be coming to tabletop and online play near you soon – Silver Age!

Why a new format? Why now? What sets will it include? These are all great questions.

Silver Age is arguably a long time coming. Initially, Golden Age scratched the itch for players who wanted to play older figures in their collection or enjoyed a bigger pool of figures to strategize from. As HeroClix approaches its 20th anniversary, the reality is that such a large pool of figures is prohibitive even for players who have been playing for 5 or more years. With thousands of figures to choose from, many figures would rarely be considered for play.

Silver Age is a recognition that many players and stores want to support a format where they can play their figures after they rotate out of Modern Age. Since we haven’t established an intermediate format, stores often found their own creative solution. Those solutions vary greatly from venue to venue. The format your store supports is likely to be different from the format your friend participated in at another store. By defining Silver Age, we hope that it will be a standardized and enjoyable format. If you’re wondering, “why now?” – since figures are about to rotate, we don’t want players to trade away portions of their collections only to quickly want them for an upcoming format.

Silver Age includes all the figures from Superior Foes of Spider-Man and newer. Figures in this format all have the dial printed on the back of the card. Our goal is for the format to be large enough to include fun, powerful, and fresh synergies, while not being so enormous that only the very best players could make sense of the opportunities.

Since this format is new, we’ll be keeping a close eye on it. This includes which figures do well, which elements are overplayed, etc. As needed, we will update the watch list or even ban figures. Please see the 2 figures banned for Silver Age below, as well as the Silver Age Watch List. In the future, figures might be banned in Silver Age even if they’re legal in Modern Age, since the needs of the formats are different.