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Seb Games Taking Pre-orders For Battle Havoc Starter Set

A new miniatures game is marching towards your tabletops, drawing ever-closer. It's Battle Havoc! from Seb Games. Their initial, 2-player starter box is available to pre-order now. Why pre-order? Well, you'll get an exclusive miniature, of course! Plus, you'll be sure to have this new game on your tabletop before anyone else on your block.

From the announcement:

We have some exciting news to share. We just started taking pre-orders for our Battle Havoc! - BattleBox.

The box has two armies in it and all components necessary to start playing the game. We also have a wee gift for those who will take part in the pre-order. A unique miniature of Joachim Skullcrusher that will not be available in regular sale.