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Infinity RPG Card Decks Coming This Week From Modiphius

So, later this week is a holiday for us here in the US. I'll be taking some time off, so it's actually really helpful that Modiphius is letting us know about some releases they'll be having on the 4th. Lets me still tell you about it, while I'll be BBQing and making things explode. Anyway, this Thursday, they'll be releasing several RPG decks for the Infinity RPG.

From the announcement:

On Thursday the 4th of June you can look forward to the release of the Infinity card decks which add a myriad of different options for you in your games of Infinity. Find more info about that and our other Infinity releases below.

GM Plot Deck

Infinite Possibilities!

Create new scenarios or launch entire adventures set within the Infinity universe with these 54 landscape cards. With a unique piece of art to portray each plot, plusexample objectives, locations, obstacles, and adversaries on the back, you’ll be able to instantly offer intriguing plots for your games of Infinity the Roleplaying Game.

Adversary Deck

Friends and Enemies Everywhere! The rich history and diversity of the Infinity setting allows for a vast array of unique NPCs from all walks of life. The 54 portrait cards of this deck each contain a gorgeous image, stats, and unique plot hooks to quickly include a random encounter in your games of Infinity the Roleplaying Game.

Wilderness of Mirrors

Infinite Reflections! Delve into the dizzying machinations of the Wilderness of Mirrors with these 54 landscape cards. The rich array of intrigues on offer will allow you to quickly delve into the maneuverings of the G5 nations during your games of Infinity the Roleplaying Game.

Locations Deck

Explore the Human Sphere! Explore the beautiful, terrifying, and deadly sites of the Human Sphere with these 54 landscape cards. With an amazing vista of each location, plus sample Heat spends and optimal placements on the back, you’ll be able to truly reflect the dangers and delights on offer within Infinity the Roleplaying Game.

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