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Games Workshop Previews the Eightbound for 40k

Games Workshop Previews the Eightbound for 40k

We’ve been seeing these hulking brutes in the various pictures of the upcoming World Eaters releases for 40k. Now, it’s time to get a view of them proper. They’re the Eightbound and you can see what they’re all about in this preview.

From the article:

Nothing in the tide of red and brass that makes up a World Eaters army is quite so fearsome as a member of the Eightbound. Each one of these daemonkin is a truly warped warrior, reforged in blood and cruelty, perfect followers for the Red Angel.

To swell the ranks of the Eightbound, particularly savage Berzerkers are chained into an iron sarcophagus known as an Eightcage. Probes and needles interface with the subject’s cybernetic Butcher’s Nails, thrusting their mind into the depths of the warp and a battle for their very soul.