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Games Workshop Announces New Necromunda Narrative Campaign Book

Games Workshop Announces New Necromunda Narrative Campaign Book

Games Workshop has announced a new book for Necromunda. It’s The Aranthian Succession: Cinderak Burning and it’s bringing a whole bunch of new info about the world and moving forward the story of the game. What will happen in the wake of Gerontius Helmawr’s failed assassination attempt? How will this shake up the power structures on the planet?

From the article:

The sky has split in two, lights are going out across the cosmos, and the planetary core itself is cooling, causing rolling blackouts in the great hive cities of Necromunda. The Great Darkness has come, and in the depths of this endless night a fire is ignited on the horizon of the ash wastes – the city of Cinderak is aflame.

The Aranthian Succession: Cinderak Burning is a new narrative expansion for Necromunda, and it’s setting the kindling for new stories to come.

As if the aftermath of the Great Rift wasn’t enough, Gerontius Helmawr, undisputed Lord of Necromunda, now lies in medical stasis after a failed assassination attempt. The movers and shakers of Necromunda have reacted with all the dignity you’d expect, and the planet faces a desperate scramble for power between Nobles, Clans, Guilds, rebels, mutants, cults, nomads, outcasts, and every single heir to ever spring from Helmawr’s dalliances – be they legitimate, illegitimate, or apocryphal.

Cinderak Burning includes a long and twisting timeline of events, including dark prophecies, power shortages, global storms, and wasteland sieges, laid out in nearly 50 pages of lore – giving you all the background you need to play through Part 1 of the new Succession The Campaign.