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CMON Announces Parntership with Monsoon to Distribute NFTs

While this isn't specifically about a game, and thus not something usually covered, I figured it might be something you might be interested in. You've probably heard of NFTs and the crazy market around them. Well, CMON is partnering with Monsoon, a new platform for NFTs, and has announced a new line of NFTs for their products.

From the announcement:

CMON LTD and Monsoon Digital announced a partnership to launch a brand new series of digital products and promotional material using Monsoon’s soon-to-launch NFT (non-fungible token) trading platform. Slated to go live later this year, Monsoon will be the exclusive platform for CMON digital collectible items, cards, artwork, and games, the first offerings of which aim to further build upon CMON’s reputation as a leader and pioneer in the gaming industry.

The overall potential of NFTs adds a brand-new dimension to the hobby, game and collectible markets, one that we’re extremely excited to explore with Monsoon Digital,” said Chern Ann Ng, CEO of CMON. “The goal of Monsoon is to provide collectors, art fans, and gamers with a stable and secure online home where they can organize, display, buy, sell and trade their digitally owned blockchain. It’s designed from the ground up to be tailor made for these particular fanbases, so that creators can design and launch products that are innovative and consumer-specific.”

Monsoon Digital will launch the public beta of its platform later this year, with CMON’s first wave of digital collectible packs set to be the site’s flagship product.  Details of the first wave are being kept under wraps.