Wyrd Previews Hucksters For Malifaux

There are the people out there that can get things for you. You know the type. They’re the ones that always have just what you need. They’re the hucksters, and they’re coming to Malifaux. They’re featured today in Wyrd’s regular Monday Preview, making your Mondays just a little bit better.
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Wyrd May Newsletter Posted

Ok, so it’s actually the first day of June, but Wyrd had this up yesterday afternoon, so it was still May when it hit. Squeaking in just over the line, though. But better late than never, as this issue is filled with all sorts of information about Malifaux releases, Darkness Comes Rattling expansions, and The Other Side stuff, plus more.
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Wyrd’s Easter Sale Happening Now

A holiday’s coming up, and that means Wyrd’s rolling out the special holiday sale stuff, as they always do. I love seeing all the alternate minis that they come up with. They’re a great way to inject some special flavor into your force. And this sale is no different, as there’s several new alt. sculpts, plus some regular stuff just on sale. Go check it out.
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Wyrd Previews Fire Golem

I’m sure that in a couple months, I’m going to be saying, “damn, I wish it was colder!” This is Atlanta, after all. But at least today, it’s cold and blustery outside. I wouldn’t mind a Fire Golem around to warm my hands up near (and maybe make some s’mores). But you don’t actually get it, you only get the preview of it from the upcoming Backdraft Story Encounter box.
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Wyrd Previews Fitzsimmons And His Saboteurs

Fitzsimmons and his Saboteurs sounds like a hipster punk band.
I mean, doesn’t it? Can’t you just see them up on stage? Top hats and bowlers with giant safety pins in them? Overcoats with patches all over them? Monocle with a spiked chain?
Anyway, they’re what we get a look at in today’s Monday Preview from Wyrd as they delve back in to the Backdraft Encounter Box.
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Wyrd Previews Popcorn Turner & Cooper Jones

Wyrd’s Monday previews help bring a bit of light into an otherwise dark day. This Monday is no different. The preview is a double, getting a look at Popcorn Turner and Cooper Jones from the upcoming Backdraft Encounter Box.
Man, now I want popcorn.
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Wyrd Monday Preview Posted

It’s a dude’s face in a flaming wheel.
I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with it. It’s just, what did that initial art request look like? I’d kinda like to see that.
Anyway, Wyrd finishes up their look at the Undying encounter box with a look at the Wanyudo.
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Wyrd Previews Grave Golem

“You made the Earth move under my feet.” It’s something you say to someone else for really getting you or doing something great. For the Grave Golem, it could just be that part of the soil has come alive and looking to drag you down. I guess that does make digging graves easier. The Grave Golem is today’s Wyrd Preview.
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Wyrd Posts The Undying Preview Part II

Mondays aren’t always the most-beloved day. But Wyrd does their best to make them a bit better with their regular previews. In this case, they’re tying up loose ends with the second half of their Undying Encounter Box. Have yourselves a look.
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Wyrd Previews The Undying For Malifaux/Through the Breach

Since both Malifaux and Through the Breach take place in the same universe, Wyrd is able to create products that give content for both at the same time. In this case, it’s their Story Encounter and Adventure Box. It’s got story and adventure for the RPG, while also some cool, new models for the minis game. It’s also their Monday Preview.
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Wyrd Releases Alt. Lazarus Mini

I love alternate sculpts for minis. Even with some small modding, armies in a minis game can potentially look a bit samey. A great way around that is alternate sculpts for figures. Because unless you’re a pro sculptor, you might do a few cuts here and there, but it’s not anywhere near what a company can do with all their resources behind making a mini. Well, Wyrd has released a new Alt. Lazarus model. But you can’t just pick it up in their webshop. Nope, they make you work for it (in a good way).
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Wyrd’s Winter Wonderland Issue Is Your Gain

Working in the gaming industry, there’s a lot of going ahead with plans as set on your timetables and hoping that everything should work out right. Occasionally, they don’t. Something comes back from the printer’s that’s messed up. A sculptor’s work gets destroyed in a freak accident. Or you end up with a box of minis that are miscast. Unfortunately, that last one is what happened to Wyrd with their Winter Wonderland box that’s part of their holiday sale. However, their loss is your gain. They’re tossing in another mini with the box (though it will be a bit of a delay in getting your sets).
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Wyrd Games Posts Black Friday Sale Announcement

We’re just a couple days away from the start of all the Black Friday Sales (well, except for those couple that’ve already started). In the case of Wyrd, they tend to go all-out, and this year is certainly no different. They’ve posted up what they’ll be selling. It’s quite a lot, so check it out.
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Wyrd Previews Alternate Rasputina For Malifaux

I love alternate sculpts for minis. I truly do. They’re a great way to add some personality and customization to your armies and teams without having to be a professional modeller, yourself. Plus, for those that are sticklers for such, they’re not proxies, so they’re good in any tourney or event. Wyrd’s well-known for coming out with lots of alternate figures for Malifaux, and they tend to have a lot of them during their sales. In this case, it’s their upcoming holiday sale. Check out this alternate Rasputina.
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Wyrd’s Malifaux App Now Available

Having an app to help you play your miniatures games is nice. You can have all your cards, as well as your opponent’s cards, right at your finger tips. Need to look up a rule? That’s usually on there, too. Keep track of wounds and abilities used. It’s got a lot going on. That’s where Wyrd’s at with their new Malifaux app. You can get it now.
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Broken Promises Now Available In Digital Format

Just yesterday, I was talking with my friend about a game and a rules question came up. We didn’t have the rulebook on hand, but we did have a digital version of it. So looking up the rule was super-easy. Now, don’t get me wrong. I love flipping through a rulebook, but having a digital version is also pretty damn handy. Well, for those that want Broken Promises, the Malifaux book, in PDF, you can now get it.
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Wyrd Posts New Medical Automaton Artwork

It’s Monday!
Ok, so it’s not. It’s actually Tuesday. I can tell because of the shirt I’m wearing. Many of us had Monday off here in the states, including me. So it’s a bit of catch-up this morning. One item is Wyrd’s regular Monday post. In this case, it’s some alternate art for the Medical Automaton for Malifaux.
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Wyrd Posts Up October Releases

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!
At least, as far as I’m concerned, anyway. And playing Malifaux certainly is appropriate, as it’s got a rather spooky and macabre feel to it. And now you can check out what will be released this month for the game (as well as a sneak-peek at what’ll be out next month).
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Wyrd Previews Bayou Smuggler for Malifaux

You know, if you want an illegal bayou, or don’t want to have to pay all sorts of nasty import taxes on a bayou, you get yourself a bayou smuggler. Only they are able to get these hard-to-transport marshy outlets of a lake or river to you.
*gets handed a note*
Oh… they don’t actually smuggle bayous. They are just smugglers who happen to reside in a bayou.
That… makes a lot more sense.
Anyway, Wyrd is showing off artwork for one that wasn’t in the Broken Promises book, as well as giving us a bit of background on them.
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Homefront Global Malifaux Campaign Happening Now

Wyrd Games has launched a new global campaign for Malifaux. It’s called Homefront and they’re looking to get everyone’s participation. Games can be registered on the company’s website. These aren’t just games entirely for smiles and giggles, mind you. The outcome will have an effect on not only the Malifaux narrative, but that of The Other Side as well.
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Wyrd Monday Preview – Bone Pile

Wyrd, in their quest to make the last day of the week even more awesome and the first day of the week not so bad, have a regular preview schedule. They’re sticking with it today as they give us a preview of the Bone Pile, a new figure coming in Broken Promises. Extra bonus: this isn’t the artwork from the book. So here’s your only chance to see it.
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Wyrd Games Monday Malifaux Preview

Mondays don’t tend to people’s favorite day of the week. Wyrd, however, does their best to make it not so bad. They’ve got their regular Monday previews that they post. Today is no different. This week, we get a look at the new artwork for Yan-Lo. But more than just a pretty picture, they’ve also posted up a lot of information about the character’s history.
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Wyrd Games Posts Gen Con Specials

I’ve mentioned how this week is flying by. That also means that Gen Con is flying towards us at a very high rate of speed (about 24 hours per day). There’s still lots of prep to do before the show, such as getting a “to buy” list together for all the cool things that’re gonna be at the show. Wyrd is well-known for having lots of cool show specials. And they’ve posted them all in one place to help you sort through them all.
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Wyrd Previews The Gravedigger For Malifaux

Mondays generally aren’t seen as being so great. But Wyrd does their best to make them better by giving us regular previews. This time around, we’ve got another Malifaux artwork preview. Today, we get a look at the Gravedigger. No, it’s not a monster truck. But it’s still pretty cool.
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Wyrd Games Previews Gen Con Nightmare Box Art

The folks over at Wyrd love to come up with alternate models for their games. They then love to release those kits during holidays or at shows. Well, Gen Con is a pretty big show. So Wyrd’s coming out with a whole alternate Hamelin box set called the Nightmare Box that will be available there. We get a look at the artwork from it in this preview.
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Wyrd Games to Release Broken Promises Malifaux Book at Gen Con

As I said, at Gen Con, gamers are all there looking for the “new hotness.” If you’re a fan of Malifaux, there’s certainly some of that coming. Broken Promises is the new book coming out, and Gen Con attendees will be the first ones able to pick up a copy.
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Wyrd Monday Preview

Monday’s generally not everyone’s favorite day. And I can understand it. I mean… weekend… But still, Wyrd does their best to make them better by showing off something new. This time around, they continue their art previews for Malifaux with a look at the Cyclops for the Neverborn. They’re also trying to cool off some of this Atlanta heat.
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