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Open Sesame Games Announces the Kickstarter Campaign for “Cyclades Legendary Edition”

Open Sesame Games Announces the Kickstarter Campaign for “Cyclades Legendary Edition”

Open Sesame Games has launched a Kickstarter campaign for their upcoming project, “Cyclades Legendary Edition.”

Celebrated as the ultimate evolution of the renowned development, territory control, and auction board game, “Cyclades Legendary Edition” has already amassed $239,129 in pledges, surpassing its initial goal of $163,395. The campaign, which has garnered support from over 2,000 backers, is set to run for 40 days, concluding on August 8.

In this fascinating board game, each player leads their faction, vying to assert dominance over the Cyclades isles set in a fantasy, mythological Greece. Gameplay involves placing bets to earn the favor of the gods, hiring creatures and heroes, and strategizing to achieve set objectives.

Cyclades is a vibrant, high-stakes game, lauded for its easy-to-grasp gameplay. Its intuitive mechanics ensure a rapid-paced, epic series of actions, facilitating quick immersion for beginners. Devotees of the original Cyclades edition can look forward to revisiting the legendary game, enhanced by gameplay modifications and numerous improvements crafted by its accomplished authors, Bruno Cathala and Ludovic Maublanc.

Cyclades Legendary Edition is far more than a simple visual redesign. Described as a Director’s Cut by the creators Cathala and Maublanc, it combines the original game and its numerous expansions to offer a more captivating and thrilling gaming experience. The game now features three configurations – Classic, Teamplay, and an improved 2-player mode, further diversifying the gameplay possibilities.

Among other enhancements, the game now boasts a modular game board constructed with landscape tiles set up by the players at the start of the game. This new feature ensures constantly shifting maps and game strategies, adding to the immersive gaming experience. The game has also expanded its roster of gods from the original five to six, increasing the variety of player actions.

Additional game updates include mandatory construction actions for gods to speed up overall gameplay and interaction between players, the introduction of Mercenaries (a new unit associated with the new goddess, Hera), and the availability of new Creatures and Heroes in the base game. These elements have been reworked to offer fresh strategic opportunities in constructing metropolises and securing an edge on the battlefield.

An aesthetic upgrade accompanies these gameplay improvements. All game elements and illustrations have been redesigned by the original artist, Miguel Coimbra, lending a fresh aesthetic feel to this legendary board game.

With its unique blend of bidding, development, and conquest mechanics, Cyclades Legendary Edition promises to deliver a thrilling and immersive board gaming experience. With 40 days still left to go on its Kickstarter campaign, the anticipation and excitement around this project continue to build.