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Monday Terrain Corner

The weekend is over and we're once more back to the regular work week. Hopefully yours was good. I got my Age of Sigmar box set all put together. I had no major mess-ups during assembly. Though my right thumb does hurt from getting stabbed repeatedly by little, plastic spikes. Both the Sigmarans and the Khornites (or whatever they're technically called when referred to in such a manner) do enjoy sharp bits on them.

Hopefully everyone is making their way safely home from SDCC as well. It certainly looked like quite a show this year. Someday I might make it out there for one, but I have a feeling that, knowing me, simply enjoying it from a far (vicariously through all the photos showing up) is probably what I'll stick with.

But anyway, enough of that, let's talk about terrain.

In this set of terrain stories we have: Tabletop-Art previews WIP Terrain Components, Heroic Maps - Birthday Sale, DGS Games adds Trial Stones models to Kickstarter options, and Terra Block 'Tomb of the Serpent God' from Sally 4th available for Pre-order.

Tabletop-Art previews WIP Terrain Components

More terrain components in the scale 28-30mm. The sets Large Gate 1, Doors Set 1, Doors Set 2, Windows Set 1 and Windows Set 2 will be available at the end of this month.

Heroic Maps - Birthday Sale


It's our 2nd Birthday and we're celebrating with a weekend sale of 60% off all our maps - the sale has begun, and finishes at the end of Monday, GMT.

We've released 137 products over the past 2 years, and we'd like to thank you for your support. We still get such a buzz when we see pictures of people using our maps in their games, or receive emails from customers who are enjoying our maps and using them to enhance their adventures.

We've got lots more planned for our next year so stay tuned, and grab a bargain for your next game :)

DGS Games adds Trial Stones models to Kickstarter options

Trail Stones

In a new Trials of Garavus scenario, your Freebands are tasked with completing trials of Strength, Courage, and Wisdom before your opponent can. To support this scenario, we have a Kickstarter Premiere release of our Trial Stones. These will eventually be on sale on our website for $11.99 MSRP, but can be added to your Kickstarter pledge for only $10 (for the set of 3 unpainted of course). While tailored to our scenario, they can easily be used as objectives or small terrain pieces for just about any game. To give you an idea of size, those are 50mm bases.

Even while our Kickstarter has been in devleopment, DGS as a company has been focusing lately on expanding scenarios, to give players more challenges to face. This Kickstarter is a direct result of that effort, but in addition, we have a scenario pack as a free download on our website. While some of these are still in “draft form” (2 of them, Camp Raid and Advanced Guard) have been finalized. Another one of the scenarios in the pack, Trials of Garavus, will go final very soon.

Terra Block 'Tomb of the Serpent God' from Sally 4th available for Pre-order

PRE-ORDER at 10% discount. RRP £35. PRE-ORDERS ship 27th July 2015. Pre Order price £31.50

Themed terrain set contains Terra Blocks™ to construct a 30cm x 30cm gaming area representing 'The Tomb of the Serpent God'
Free download of interior and exterior wall and floor coverings included with purchase.
Tomb set includes additional corridor section so that set can be put together as either an underground or ground level tomb.

Set includes:
• 5 x opening doors
• 1 x opening secret door
• 1 x Staircase
• 4 x sand trap walls sections, 4 x asp trap wall sections, 1 x stake trap floor section.
• 2 x Stone Portcullis traps
• One, Two & Three section walls to complete model

This is the second set in a planned series of themed models which will include free to print, photo-realistic textures to take your gaming environment to the next level.
All pieces in this set are completely compatible with the rest of the Terra-Block range so textures can be used on these pieces if you wish to expand your layout.