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Z-Man Games Announces The Norwegians Expansion for A Feast for Odin

Everyone loves A Feast for Odin. I mean, who doesn't like a good viking feast? Nobody, that's who. And now, the neighbors have heard about it, and they're wanting to join in as well. Z-Man Games has announced The Norwegians, the first ever expansion for the game.

From the website:

In the realms of crafting, trade, discover, and battle, you have already proven yourself a worthy chieftain. Now it’s time to broaden your horizons, to explore and tame new lands, and to bring further wealth and glory to your tribe.

The first expansion to the acclaimed A Feast For Odin, The Norwegians presents players with new challenges as they seek to prove themselves against their fellow chieftans.

Changing Environments

Living along the rugged coast of Scandinavia, your Vikings excel at making do with what’s available to them, extracting what resources they can from the land and supplanting their crops when the harvest fails. Replacing the action board and extensions from the base game, the three new double-sided action boards in The Norwegians combine to create a varying tableau of options for different player counts, forcing you to adjust your strategy to seek new paths to victory.