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The week continues to trundle along. I don't know what's up, but my sense of what day it is is all screwed up this week. Woke up going, "woah! It's Thursday already!" and just can't seem to wrap my mi
There's the next installment of the Broken Realms series coming to pre-order this weekend from Games Workshop. As those books tend to do, they'll be updating various other things outside of its confin
One Page Rules has just turned 7 years old. *gets out party hats and cake and those blowie "pfweee!" thingies* They grow up so fast *snifflesniffle* But while it's OPR that's celebrating the birthday,
I mean, they're not necessarily giant dragons, so no giant dragon alert, but considering you know my love of all things draconic, I'm excited to see more options for players who want to use dragon-kin
CMON is running a Kickstarter campaign for Marvel United: X-Men. The cooperative superhero game is adding mutants and their enemies to the party. The campaign includes expansions that also bring in su
Another day, another Summoner Wars preview. Plaid Hat is starting up with a new faction's cards in this one. You can head over and check out the start of the Vanguards now.
I do love a good apple cider. I can't wait for the fall to get here when it'll be readily available. In the meantime, I'll just have to dream and think of it while talking about Scrumpy: Card Cider, a
The last year and change has been hell on release schedules, which can get messed up in even the calmest of times. Pandasaurus has been wanting to get Umbra Via on your tabletops for a while now, and
I know some gamers that like the game systems that they like and those are the ones they're going to play and that's it. And, hey, play the games you want to play and all, but it can sometimes limit w
In the grimdark future of 40k, there is only war. As such, you're gonna need some weapons. Games Workshop is looking over the weaponry of the Adeptus Mechanicus and how they've changed over time.