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The Riftforged Orcs, the latest army to hit fields in Kings of War, are getting some reinforcements. Some pretty big reinforcements, as you can see from the featured image. That's just one of the new
Next week's quite a week for pre-releases over in the Games Workshop webstore. They've got the new starter set for 40k. There's a new Nurgle battletome for Age of Sigmar, along with some new kits. The
Create your own Gelfling character and band together to save the land of Thra. The Dark Crystal Adventure Game is now available from River Horse. The next in their line of Jim Henson products, it take
Antarctica is the last, greatest unexplored territory on Earth. And... maybe it should've stayed that way. Dire things are happening among the snowdrifts. Explore this desolate and dangerous region in
Two things from Forge World up for pre-order this week. And they're pretty far apart from one another. One's a Terminator Cataphractii Praetor for 40k. The other is some terrain for the Middle-earth S
This three-act play is hitting the third act. As such, it's time to bring the curtain down on the zombie dragon that's been plaguing the countryside. That's where you are in The Flying Plague Part 3.
In Familiar Tales, players take on the role of wizard's familiars looking to keep the royal kids safe. As they adventure, they will become more skillful at what they do. We get a look at how that'll w
The winter holidays are a time full of joy and peace, but just underneath it all, there's a definite bit of horror and the macabre going on. Especially in Western Immoren. The Grim is your foe in the
<whoop! whoop! whoop!> As to be expected with a Battletech release, it's got the Giant Robot Alert going off. This time, it's the Recognition Guide: ilClan, Volume 22 book as well as the Wolf's
Looking to get into a new game or a new faction of your current game? And those games are Age of Sigmar and/or 40k? Then you'll want to check out the new Battleforce bundles that Games Workshop has up