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ZynVaded EVO Up Now on Kickstarter

Every Monday and Thursday here on TGN I run the Terrain Corner feature, where I collect together the terrain news in order to get your gaming tables looking as good as possible. But what if you really did just want to use soda cans, books, and whatever else you've got lying around for terrain? Well, in a game like ZynVaded, that's not only what you can do, but it's what you're expected to do, since the game is 1:1 scale. It's also up now on Kickstarter.

In the game, insect invaders are looking to take over the Earth. However, due to faulty pre-invasion intel, they didn't realize that the inhabitants of the planet were just so darned big! Now, the invading force has split into two factions: there's the Kyll'al, who want to head back to the Zyn's home planet and come back with a larger force. Then there's the Sav'm, who want to just continue to live on the Earth as it is (there's plenty of room, after all). These two groups are fighting over the few supplies that are left, as well as the fleet of ships that brought them here to begin with. Which side will you take in the struggle?

The Kickstarter campaign's about half-funded with still 23 days left to go.