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Zvezda releases Blitzkrieg 1940 board game

Zvezda has released Blitzkrieg 1940, their latest in their line of WWII board games.

From the announcement:
The newest installment of Zvezda’s Art of Tactic series of World War II games is in the warehouse and shipping now!

Blitzkrieg 1940 includes everything you need to create exciting battles:
• 21 plastic models—all highly detailed and historically accurate;

• 6 double-sided modular game boards complete with 30 terrain hexes and 6
plastic elevation tiles to produce an almost unlimited variety of battlefields;

• 31 game cards, 10 dice, fortification, fire, and smoke markers, game rules, and
a scenario booklet.

Blitzkrieg 1940 introduces the British armed forces to the Art of Tactic, as well
as airborne units, new game boards, and new scenarios. This is a new starter
set for the Art of Tactic system, and includes everything you need to play. It is
also completely compatible with the earlier titles in the World War II line
(Barbarossa 1941 and Battle for the Danube), and can be combined with those
earlier games for more options.
Blitzkrieg 1940 also offers almost unlimited expansion potential. Players can
add any of the models in Zvezda’s constantly growing line of World War II mini
kits. Each kit comes complete with everything you need to add it to the game
right away.

The Art of Tactic is Konstantin Krivenko’s hidden planning and simultaneous
movement system, and it was recently nominated for an Origins Award with the
earlier Barbarossa 1941 game.

Six new mini kits featuring British units are also shipping now, in addition to the
many mini kits already available.