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Zucchini People Games launches Eternal Dynasty board game Kickstarter

Zucchini People Games launched a Kickstarter campaign for Eternal Dynasty, their board game of generational territory control.


From the campaign:

Eternal Dynasty is designed for 3-5 players and generally takes 60-150 minutes to complete (20-30 minutes per player). Each game will run for a number of Generations (Rounds of Play) equal to the number of players. At the beginning of each Generation, players will select a Ruler who will have different inherent bonuses for Military or Political Influence, a specific number of cards to play for their Generation, and a unique Ability. Players take on the role of feuding clans and will fight over control of the 18 provinces of ancient China. As the Generations progress, players will be able to adjust their strategies on the fly or continue reinforcing their current strategies as they change to a new Ruler.