Zone Mortalis Battlefield Complex new from Forge World

By Polar_Bear
In 40K
May 28th, 2012

Forge World has a new set of labyrinthine terrain pieces available on their website, the Zone Mortalis Battlefield Complex.

From the update:

Forge World’s Zone Mortalis experimental rules expansion and scenery allow you to play out these desperate close-quarters battles in your games of Warhammer 40,000, and we have now combined the individual tiles into a Zone Mortalis Battlefield Complex which contains 16 individual tiles for a total playing area of 4′ x 4′ (122cm x 122cm). Four each of the Alpha, Beta, Delta and Gamma tiles are supplied in this set, creating an immense interchangeable battlefield.

We have also put together a Zone Mortalis Blast Door set which contain a total of 6 of our detailed, multi-part resin doors: 4 small Blast Doors and 2 Large Blast Doors. Both of these fantastic sets, designed by Blake Spence, are available to order now for immediate despatch, and don’t forget that we’ve recorded a video to show you just how awesome the Zone Mortalis scenery really is.

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  • 350 GBP. Without doors. Why doesn’t that seem like a good buy to me?

    • Borzag

      Because you’re not a GW fanboy? 😛

      Kinda worries me actually…. half the guys I regularly game with work for GW, so I may have to hear about this ad-nauseum. Despite the fact that it’s easier to DIY or buy other resin kits that offer the same thing for a lot less, even allowing for freight. Ah well…

    • wittdooley

      Because you’re an uniformed consumer and are unaware of the costs of all the other comparable products out there.

      It’s expensive, but then again, so is pretty much every other modular, 3D board system out there of similar quality. Sure, you could do it with Hirst Moulds, but then you have to determine how much your time is worth as well.

      • I’m uninformed?
        In USD that’s about $550.
        Armorcast’s Starship Corridor is $90/set and includes doors. $360 for a 4×4 is a hell of a lot better… but still far too expensive for my taste.
        Troll elsewhere.

        • Bobofreak

          The Forge World set might not have doors but the Armorcast Corridors set doesn’t have vertical walls besides there doors. So the Forge World set would seem to have a lot more resin material and I like the closed cramp feeling of it much more though there is no denying that it is an investment.

        • wittdooley

          No trolling, brah. The Zone Mortalis board is
          A) As bobo said, 3D, whereas teh armorcast ones are flat.
          B) IMO, more detailed. I’ve seen both in person (at Adpeticon) and the Zone Mortalis board is much nicer.
          C) FW, so you’re going to be paying a bit more for the “sony” price.
          D) Is right in line with other products of similar quality.

          Dwarven Forge is probably the closest you’re going to find in terms of Same quality, less price. But they don’t do full 12″ rooms, but rather passages, etc ala Space Hulk. Youd probably have to get 6-8 (complete estimate based on # of squares in the Sci Fi Starter) of their $60 set to get the same area coverage. This would be cheaper, but again I don’t know how comprehensive your board coverage would be.

          Have you ever seen either of these products in person? I’d wager you haven’t. Again, the fact that you’re simply basing this on the isolated price when compared to a dissimilar product would indicate that you are, in fact, an uninformed consumer. That’s all. I mean, I didn’t even comment on how you seem to find something to complain about regarding nearly EVERY GW announcement on here. That’s a completely different story.

          • I complain about what GW does wrong.. just like I complain about the same from other companies.
            As a point in fact, I like the new GW flyers… even the short/stubby one that everyone else seems to think is ugly.

            Aintsy has their corridor system at about $75. It has walls.
            Also, you can very easily add your own walls to the Armorcast set using the GW cityfight buildings. They make excellent grimdark walls and are pretty cheap compared to this.

            Forgeworld is not GW.. they are supposed to be superior. I don’t know if you own the FW masterclass book but they show you projects to make their models.. but every single one of them requires that you modify their products in some way.. except for the aircraft which they simply airbrush. My point of contention is here they are releasing something that I would think is a good product.. at least a good idea.. and they are charging prices that make me just want to buy some foam core and do it myself.
            Since you seem to know so much about my posting habits, you will note that every time a company releases a PDF 3d-terrain set I ask if it’s going to be available in plastic or pre-punch sheets. It’s because I very much like that idea. This is the next step of that… only not acessible.

          • The bit about masterclass was an incomplete thought that I meant to trim out due to the long post venturing into the realm of rambling, please disregard..

          • Zematus

            So, a slight clarification on math. The Armorcast and Ainsty sets are $90 or $75 each for a set that covers approximatesly 1 sq-ft. (1’x1′) area. The FW set above includes 16 tiles that are each 1’x1′, covering a 4’x4′ area (16 sq-ft). It would cost between $1,200 and $1,440 to cover the same area using 16 sets from Ainsty or Armorcast (without walls). This means that FW is about half the cost of the competing products mentioned…

  • Dewbakuk

    I’d never pay a price like that, however, as someone who has built hundreds of boards and several labyrinth type boards, it’s not unreasonable. I’ve just looked up the costs/time/etc for a couple of my labyrinth boards and I’d need to sell them for over £400 to make it remotely worth while.

    I’m rather impressed by the Forge World one. It’s not stupidly over run by skulls and gothic rediculousness. The gothic detailing is there off course but it’s done in a way that fits aesthetically. I’d never buy it of course 🙂

  • surprize

    Yeah I agree with that assessment, its a premium board set and is priced competitively with other large boards. Something like ManorHouseWorkshop is about £800 for a 4×4 fantasy dungeon, Thomarillion’s fantasy dungeon set at 4×4 is ~£470. I’d be seriously interested in links for 4×4 resin boards that are a “lot less” than £350; really appreciate some links ^^

    I think this is a bit too 40k even with it being toned done to appeal to me. I like to be able to get some multiple use out of boards (not just for cost, but because it takes up so much room to store) and this wouldn’t really work for anything else.

    £55 for 6 blast doors; now THAT is a rip off!! 😉

  • Kraan

    Why don’t they use plastic for this kind of things?
    The military world of this hobby has great products in plastc like Miniart, Italeri, Tamiya. The detail is not as good as the resin but…much better than these ones sure!
    Why don’t they do something like the WH40k buildings?
    Those were great!

    • odinsgrandson

      That’s actually a pretty good idea. That way, people who don’t want to spend five hundred dollars on an experimental rules expansion might play it as well. As is, it is hard to justify for the price- even if it isn’t a terrible deal for the weight in resin.

      For five hundred dollars, you could get yourself a new army and fill it out with some pretty good trimmings.

      • Zematus has exactly that… Plastic corridors with half-height walls. And it runs at $35 for approximately 1sq-ft, which covers the same space as a single $39 forgeworld tile. If you buy 16 sets, to match the same coverage as this combined FW set, it will run you about $470 + $33 shipping (from their website). Slightly less expensive, but still in the same ballpark.