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Zombiesmith Winter Sale

Zombiesmith is having themselves a sale in honor of old man Winter over on their website. They've also got new releases they're showing off. They're adding the Ki-kak to Shieldbash. For their 6mm Quar line, they're adding the Royalists. And finally, there's new pirate mice for Netherworld's Edge. Check them all out and get them all at a discount.


From the announcement:

Its that time of year again! Well, a little late, apologies for that! Everything in the store is 15% off! Use code: winter on checkout. As usual, we also have a TON of new stuff!

War of Ashes: Shieldbash is now and forever only $25 for the printed version! Try out some Dark Age Critter skirmish gaming!

6mm Quar: Royalists
Next up we have a second faction for the Quar in 6mm. The Royalists!

Netherworld's Edge
Then, we got some super-mean Pirate Mice for Netherworld's Edge from Flytrap Factory. The Grimwater Pirate Raiders!