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ZombieSmith order update

ZombieSmith have posted an update on the status of orders made with them recently. From their website:
Hey all. Response to my yearly January sale has so far exceeded my expectations. Greatly. Thanks. So much so, in fact, that I didn't cast enough beforehand. I based it off last year's results and was woefully incorrect. So, I just want everyone to know that I am working on your order. I am shipping 3-4 a day during the week and quite a few more on the weekends. In two weeks I have gone through more metal than I usually go through in 3 months. I may have to take some vacation time to catch up. I will get to you as fast as I can. When the sale started I promised some new fantasy and sci-fi stuff. I have decided to hold off on releasing those until I can catch up to the avalanche of orders I have now. When I do release them, I will release them for 20% off for a month, even though the current sale will be over, by way of apology. Thanks everyone.