ZombieSmith January sale

ZombieSmith have announced a sale coming next year.

From their website:

Turns out I am going to be fairly busy for the next few weeks, so any orders between now and the New Year won’t be filled before the then. Any orders already placed will be shipping in the next few days.

When I get back to working on ZombieSmith stuff on or around January 7th I will put everything on sale for a month along with releasing some new stuff. I have managed to avoid a price increase over the past few years even though my metal prices have more than doubled. I’m not raising them now, but sales generate an influx of cash and an influx of cash will make me feel better about what I am paying for pewter. So, save your Christmas monies and come see me in January. (If you ordered from me during the month of December I have included some extras by way of apology for having a sale right after you order).