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Zombie Plague March Sale

RSquared Studios is running a zombie sale over in their webshop for the month of March. The first deal is if you buy all four of the Zombie Plague humans, you get a free "Tubby" zombie. This is in addition to a link to the free print-and-play Zombie Plague board game that you get when you order 4 things from their website. Double-bonus!

From the announcement:

Through the month of March RSquared Studios is handing out a couple of cool freebies when you purchase four or more minis!

The first deal is when you buy all four ZP human characters, Crissy, Chelsea, Timmy, and John, you'll also receive the horribly decayed "Tubby" zombie (so called because she's been marinating in the bathtub for far too long) for free.

And when you purchase any four miniatures from the ZP range, gnomes and weapons sprue excluded, you'll be sent a link to the complete Zombie Plague Boardgame. This print and play game features full color maps, cards, and paper miniatures as well as easy to learn rules that truly give the feel of a classic zombie movie.

And the offers stack so if you order the four characters you'll get the free Tubby PLUS the Zombie Plague PDF!

(These offers will be added to your order automatically so there are no extra hoops to jump through.)