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Zombie Outbreak

Mantic's webshop is overrun with zombies!
Seems this time of year this sort of thing happens a lot... I wonder if there's a connection...


From the announcement:

Zombies. The brain-dead scourge of mankind have returned to wreak havoc, feasting on the flesh of the living.

New and affordable multi-part hard plastic sci-fi zombies!

The new 28mm scale Plague Zombies combine military-themed components with a mix of civilian and science team figures to create a diverse horde of Plague-ridden, shambling zombies, perfect for your sci-fi wargame of choice.

The kit has been designed to be flexible enough to be suitable for any sci-fi game, from commanding the plague-ridden legions in a mass-battle sci-fi wargame to fighting against the scourge in your zombie-killing game of choice.

As well as the individual sprue (just to give you some bits to convert your figures with!) and the set of 20 Plague Zombies, we also considered that you can't just have a few zombies. You need lots of zombies to build a horde.

So in true Mantic fashion we've put together a humongous, great-value-for-money bundle of Zombie sprues, where you can build over 75 figures!

The new Plague Zombies have the same fittings as our Kings of War fantasy Zombies and Ghouls, and with this bundle you can combine the sci-fi zombie sprues with the ghouls and Kings of War zombies to convert and customise your figures with the legs, heads and arms for even more variety and flexibility amongst your horde!