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Zombie Daze Promo Deal From Frontline Games

Frontline Games teamed up with Wargames Factory and is running a special deal. Buy the Zombie Daze box set from Frontline, and you'll get the Zombie Vixens set (we showed them off recently) from Wargames Factory for free!

From the announcement:

FREE Zombie Vixens and Zombie Daze Event Cards!

When you buy FLG’s Zombie Daze box set, you will get…
• 1 FREE box of Wargames Factory’s new Zombie Vixens!
• 1 FREE Vixens special rule card for Zombie Daze!
• 1 FREE set of Zombie Daze Event Cards!

"They ain't like other Zombies!"

For a limited time and while supplies last.
Ships the week of August 20th.