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Zombie Crowz And Special Guest Boxes Available Now For Zombicide: Black Plague

It's bad enough that there's humans that have been infected by the zombie plague. Then you've got the wolves coming after you as well. But this time around, the zombie plague is going airborn (of sorts) as now even the crows have succumbed to the foul magics of the necromancers and are seeking to devour the flesh of the living. It's going to take some stalwart heroes to face down this menace and make the world safe for the not-un-dead. And that's just what we have with the new Zombie Crowz as well as the Guest Artist Boxes now being available for Zombicide: Black Plague.

The Guest Artist boxes this time around feature the work of such as Carl Critchlow, Karl Kopinski, and Stefan Kopinski. With four heroes in each pack, that's a total of 12 new heroes to take to the streets. The packs come with the minis, as well as the stat cards for the characters. But that's not all, there's also special skill on the heroes that aren't found anywhere else in Zombicide.

All of these sets are available now.