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Zombie Army Card Game Up on Kickstarter

Zombie Army is a new card game that's up on Kickstarter and looking for funding love. The goal is to create the largest zombie army you can via attacking your opponents. It's a rather simple game to play, as you use various attack cards that your opponent must defend against. If they fail to defend 3 times, they turn into a zombie and join your army.
The campaign is running now and is set to be up for another 50 days.

From the campaign:

"Zombie Army" is a game played by 2-6 players, which is a mix between the strategic aspect of poker and the simplicity of a classic card game like "War". All that with an atmosphere similar to "The Walking Dead".

The strategy is primarily based on your choice of which of the opponents you choose to attack.

For example, the weapon assigned to one of your opponent's HUMAN card is a chainsaw. On your side, you have several cards used to "kill zombie with a chainsaw" in your hand, but you cannot use them to defend yourself since the weapon assigned to your HUMAN is an axe. This opponent's HUMAN card is now a prime target for you, because once "zombified" and added to your army, in the event of a future attack, you will have access to his chainsaw to defend yourself.

You may also be strategic by saving one of your opponents from an attack to make better use of your next turn.

Example: One of your opponents was attacked by another player, but you are interested in his weapon and it is your turn to play. You can decide to save their life by killing the zombie that attacked them. Then, on your next turn, you can choose to attack them and take their weapon for yourself.