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Zombicide Ultimate Survivors #2 Pre-Order Live For A Limited Time

Fighting zombies isn't easy. There seems to be a never-ending wave of them and eventually you're gonna run out of bullets. Fighting them makes one tough. And the heroes from the first Zombicide game have been fighting zombies for quite some time now. As such, they've leveled-up (besides, you know, leveling up in the game as you play, that is). CoolMiniOrNot is now taking pre-orders for Zombicide Ultimate Survivors #2.

In the set you'll get 8 survivors, their ID cards, and experience trackers (the little, black slider-bar thingie that goes on the top of the cards). Pre-orders are open now and will continue to be until November 15th. These figures won't be available retail, so if you want them, now's when you'll want to order them. There's a special deal if you've been part of any of the various Zombicide Kickstarter campaigns.