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Zombicide Season 3 Kickstarter update

Zombicide keeps making it through more and more stretch goals. Check out what they've made it through now.

Jesse Zombivor


From the campaign:

Awesome job zombie killers! We're already at $920k for this awesome project! So we're unlocking the Jesse Zombivor!

And in case you missed the post in the comments section of the Kickstarter comments and the last update, here's a reminder:

Some of you have pointed out that the background for Dylan isn't exactly fitting for her artwork. So since you guys, the backers making this game possible, don’t like her bio, what we want to do is to have you help us craft Dylan's new background!

Give us some suggestions about who she was before the zombie apocalypse and how she's surviving now. We'll use what we like in writing her new bio, which will be featured on the back of the artist box!

Just leave your suggestions in the Kickstarter comments section and we’ll start picking out what we think is cool!